Danil Mishiyev

Danil Mishiyev – Brooklyn Man Found Dead Under Coney Island Boardwalk

Decomposing body of a Brooklyn man was found by homeless individuals living underneath Coney Island boardwalk on Sept 20 after knocking down wall to expand their encampment. According to city medical examiner Danil Mishiyev lived about two miles from where his body was discovered and has been identified as victim.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Mishiyev was born June 11, 1985 in Russia to parents that are believed to have emigrated from Karelia. His father works as a carpenter while his mother serves as housewife; Mishiyev’s sister also resides with them. Mishiyev attended Hunter College in Brooklyn New York before opening various social media accounts, such as Instagram.

Police reported his body was discovered two months later, wearing only boxer shorts, tank top, duct tape across his mouth, and rope tied around both hands. A Medical Examiner determined it to have been caused by homicidal violence as this provider did not accept assignment of Medicare-covered services through Medicare assignment agreements.

Professional Career

Mishiyev was found dead in the basement of his Brooklyn apartment with duct tape covering his mouth and rope around his neck; also bound with cord around waist; holes punched into lungs and the Medical Examiner having declared it was the result of violent death; yet his father refused to discuss any details surrounding this tragic killing.

Mishiyev is not participating with Medicare, meaning he does not agree to accept assignment for all services rendered.

Personal Life

Danil Mishiyev currently resides in Brooklyn, New York and shares photos on social media that capture him enjoying nature or spending time with family members. Mishiyev maintains multiple Instagram accounts under different usernames: @dan_mishiy, @furniture_king845, and furnituremattressplus.

Mishiyev filed suit against Orlando Davis, program director for Miami radio station WiLD 94.1. Mishiyev claimed Davis published defamatory statements against him both in 2004 and 2020 – this dispute was settled out-of-court.

On 10/10/2021, FL State of Florida filed an Other – Other Criminal complaint against MISHIYEV, DANIEL J. at Pinellas County Courts Criminal Justice Center County located in Pinellas.

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