Dany Blackburn

Dany Blackburn

Dany Blackburn was an enthusiastic musician with a keen sense of creativity. Her musical journey started at age eight when she got hold of one of Aaliyah’s albums and began playing along to it.

Don Blackburn believes police bungled their investigation of his daughter’s death. According to him, they failed to address obvious signs of wrongdoing and didn’t properly secure the crime scene.

Early Life and Education

Blackburn was introduced to science through her love of math at Ramsay High School in Birmingham, Alabama and later went on to study it further at the University of Alabama, graduating as well as serving as a Blackburn Fellow participating in networking events and community outreach initiatives.

Blackburn and Greider’s research with Tetrahymena led her to uncovering the molecular structure of telomeres – protective caps on chromosomes that protect chromosomes against damage when cells divide – giving researchers new insight into cell growth and development, degenerative disease such as cancer and potential treatment methods for them. Their research is now used towards treating disease as well as helping prevent shortening, which contributes to ageing and disease. Their groundbreaking discoveries revolutionized genetics. Blackburn and Greider are revered pioneers in genetics research; Blackburn made history with her groundbreaking discovery!

Professional Career

She has worked on projects related to distance learning, community education and racial equity for University of Arizona students. Additionally, she writes grants and manages social service programs while using her fluency in Spanish to collaborate with immigrant communities as a fluent speaker and work on domestic violence prevention strategies as well as child abuse and neglect cases.

An active member of the Blackburn Institute Fellows Involvement Network, she works as a liaison in Washington D.C. by connecting fellows and planning local networking events. In her free time she enjoys reading, traveling, watching television/movies/mentoring as well as being an excellent neighbor and mentor. Married and mother of two daughters; Alabama fan & churchgoer who enjoys moonlighting media trends/strategies observation

Achievement and Honors

Danielle Blackburn is an honors student with a 4.0 GPA who has received several awards, such as the Carroll Grimes Award for Excellence in Literary Writing which recognizes an undergraduate writer for outstanding contribution to humanities studies. A graduate from Westmont Hilltop High School, Danielle plans on majoring in Englishliterature at San Jose State.

She has received both the Francine Childs Diversity Leadership Award and Charles J. Ping International Leadership Award, in recognition of her extracurricular activities and commitment to service within her community.

Danielle Blackburn of Upland and Azusa Pacific University made the academic Dean’s List for spring 2012. Throughout her college career she has maintained an average GPA of at least 3.5.

Personal Life

As part of her leisure activities, she enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with family. Additionally, she provides mentoring services at both Blackburn Institute and University of Alabama Law School’s DC extern program.

She is a member of both the Anderson Society and XXXI Women’s Honorary at UA, participating in Honors Health Action and Beyond Bama service trips aimed at helping those still suffering after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

Don Blackburn, Daniela’s father, believes the police handled her case poorly. According to him, they failed to detect obvious signs of wrongdoing while allowing Connell Carroll’s killer – who violated a domestic violence injunction multiple times against Daniela – to escape prosecution.

Net Worth

Blackburn began her acting career by appearing in Nursery Rhymes 2 from Pickwick Video for children. Soon thereafter, she featured in various television shows as Sarah Hills on East Enders and Margaret Hale in ‘North and South’ adaptation.

Families Under Construction featured her and Nathan as the subject of its eighth episode, with both currently living in Sayreville, NJ.

She prefers to keep her personal and love life private, yet has an outstanding net worth as of 2021. She makes most of her living through acting, with many worldwide fans supporting her acting career. She is straight female with stunning dark eyes; an attractive woman with an immaculate body.

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