Darby Thomas

Darby Thomas Will Compete at Big Ten Indoors

Darby Thomas, a sophomore long jumper for Nebraska, has set her sights on Big Ten Indoors with a 21-foot jump at last week’s Nebraska Tune-Up and feels optimistic about her chances. But Nebraska boasts an imposing long jump unit with five athletes ranking among the Top 10 nationally.

Della and Darby Redd are twin sisters who live in a small town where everyone has strong opinions. Della is outgoing and obsessed with purple; Darby prefers being in her own space and being creative.

Early Life and Education

Darby is an attractive gender-neutral name with an Old English aesthetic that may appeal to parents seeking something regal for their baby girl or boy. Additionally, this term may bring back fond memories of horse races held annually on flat tracks as well as highly anticipated soccer matches between popular football clubs.

Darby used her grief over the loss of both her dad and teammate Mercedes Hart as motivation to compete at a level which would make both of them proud.

Thomas earned a Bachelor’s of Interior Design at the University of Georgia and went on to work for Gucci New York – an experience he fondly remembers. Additionally, Thomas enjoys working with wood, gardening and painting.

Professional Career

Darby boasts an extensive history of professional success in leadership, teaching, scholarship, community service and philanthropy. She has received multiple awards for her legal writing and professional work; in addition she earned several certifications – such as Master Online Teacher Certificate from University of Illinois Springfield’s Master Online Leadership Advocacy certificate – earning multiple certifications throughout her career.

She competed at NU’s tuneup meet last week and achieved an incredible 21-5 1/2 long jump mark – one that not only set school history but propelled Thomas into seventh place nationally!

Darby made her first competitive start for Notts County on 6 November 2010 against Gateshead in an FA Cup second round match, which ended 1-1. Since then she was a regular starter until being sent back to Liverpool in January 2011. On 31 December 2010, Notts County manager Paul Ince signed her free transfer as she joined on loan from Liverpool until the end of season.

Achievement and Honors

Darby Thomas is a proud graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic who practices her craft in Lakewood. For her outstanding efforts as a chiropractor, the school recognized Darby with the Rising Star award.

Clay Station, Mississippi is home to many people with long memories and strong opinions, including twin sisters Della and Darby Redd. Della is outgoing, obsessed with purple hues and desperate for acceptance into social circles while her twin Darby prefers being alone and free from gossip and judgment.

Della hopes her thirtieth birthday party will finally earn her acceptance by her peers, while Darby finds an unlikely friend in Cliff – as well as discovering a shocking secret about Dr. Faulkner that could have devastating repercussions.

Personal Life

Losing someone you care deeply for can be heartbreaking. Darby experienced this double tragedy with both of her losses: first her dad, and later a close friend and relay team member killed in a car accident.

Despite her tragedy, she managed to maintain her composure and compete. She worked hard in her sport and served as an excellent role model for her teammates. Even so, she found ways to find humor in the situation by writing a letter to her coach: “I don’t have the words right now but I will make it work – just have to try my best”. Truly amazing individuals.

Net Worth

Net worth can be defined as the sum total of all of someone’s assets minus their debts, calculated by adding up all liquid assets such as stocks, mutual funds and bank accounts before subtracting out debts such as mortgages, car loans and credit card bills.

Darby has amassed significant wealth through her acting career. Most notably, she gained notoriety through her iconic portrayal of Abby Whelan on Scandal; however, she has also appeared in multiple other TV series and films.

Her most recent film role was in Carnage Park and she will also make an appearance as Nina Locke in Locke & Key on Netflix in 2020, playing Key’s sister who is played by Kurt Russell.

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