Darlene George

Darlene George

Darlene George, a resident of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, has been found guilty of the murder of her husband Winston George in June 2008.

The killing was part of her plan to exact revenge on her husband for having an extramarital affair. Additionally, she wanted to retain their properties in New York and Maine if she divorced him.

Early Life and Education

Darlene George was born in Hopewell, Virginia on June 3, 1934 and the oldest of four children. With a passion for education, Darlene went on to receive both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

She had an intense devotion to the Lord and was active within the LDS Church, serving in numerous callings throughout her life.

She was an inspirational leader and incredibly strong woman. She earned the respect and love of those around her, never failing to help those in need throughout her lifetime. Her family, friends, and community will sadly miss her dearly!

Professional Career

Darlene George is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. She’s featured on multiple television series, such as UPN’s half-hour comedy Eve.

She was also a series regular on the UPN drama Sunset Beach and star in the ABC summer miniseries Mistresses. For her work, she has received numerous accolades.

She has over two decades of experience in the intelligence business. With 10 years of active duty and 10 more in reserves, her military service includes distinction and awards for both academic and commercial analysis. Furthermore, she holds the record for hosting more Intelligence Community operational missions than any other civilian officer ever, as well as being the first civilian intelligence officer to lead a covert operation within America.

Achievements and Honors

Darlene George has had a storied career in special education and early intervention. As an accredited school-based EI specialist, professional development manager, and northern Virginia master coach, Darlene was recognized with the SHAV Fellow award for her remarkable contributions to communication disorders practice.

She was also honored with an honorary doctorate from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University for her outstanding clinical achievements. Aside from being an accomplished clinician, she is also a renowned public speaker and has held various leadership roles within SHAV. As the most knowledgeable individual about special education, early intervention programs, as well as all things related to children with speech and language disorders, she holds a special place in her heart for advocating for those with disabilities.

Personal Life

Darlene George was an adoring wife, mother and grandmother. She also had a huge heart for friendships; always keeping in touch with her friends and family members.

She was an ardent Christian and loved the Lord Jesus Christ with all of her heart. Throughout her life she demonstrated an incredible testimony of faith in her Savior and treasured the love and friendships she shared with so many of her dear friends.

On June 20, 2008, two masked men tied Darlene George and her son Giovanni Whiteman up in their Old Orchard Beach, Maine home before strangling Winston George with a plastic bag and bottle of rum in the basement.

Net Worth

Darlene George has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, which she has amassed through her career as an actress.

She has starred in several films and TV shows such as Roswell, Arli$$, Clockstoppers, Jeremiah, Barbershop, Off Centre and many more. Additionally, she is a model who has been on Grey’s Anatomy since 2006.

Her father encouraged her to pursue acting, and now she is a proud mother of two daughters and teacher. Additionally, she donates much of her money to those less fortunate; further proving that she has many admirers around the world who gladly back her work and career.

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