Daughters Seduction

The Tort of Seduction – The Right to Sue for Your Daughter’s Seduction

If your unmarried daughter is subjected to the sex acts of her father, the law provides a remedy for the parents: a lawsuit. While this tort isn’t new, it’s gaining in popularity among parents. The tort of seduction dates back from medieval times and is based upon feudal notions. Actio per quod servantamisit was a medieval law that gave masters the right to sue for the loss or damage to their servant’s services. Modern economics saw medieval master-servant relationships dissolve, but fathers still filed lawsuits against their daughters’ male seducers.

As we know, the story of Lot and his daughters is as old as the Bible, but the depiction of Lot and his daughters in the movie is much more modern. The father is shown as a stoic patriarch with no sign of confusion. His daughters are also shown as being rational and apprehensive rather than seductive temptresses. Although the film doesn’t depict the girls as sexy temptresses, it remains a compelling story.

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