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DAV Knob Hill Chapter 26

DAV Chapter 26 Knob Hill provides veteran services that assist veterans and their families through the difficult processes of filing disability claims, scheduling transportation to VA medical appointments and meeting other challenges they may encounter.

DAV Chapter 26 strives to offer veterans and their families the services they require in a way that’s most convenient for them and their families. Read on to gain more insight into DAV 26’s mission!

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Fenley is co-founder of Fenley Real Estate of Kentucky and holds one of the state’s largest property based real estate portfolios, receiving his Certified Commercial Investment Member designation in 2012.

David has long been an active participant in his community and an enthusiastic champion for improving quality of life in El Paso County. He advocates for affordable healthcare, veterans services, economic development and fair compensation of workers. David spearheaded a groundbreaking new community identification program which is set to have an enormous positive effect in El Paso County – among his other noteworthy contributions in office he managed this while keeping both staff and clients happy! It is truly impressive!

Achievement and Honors

DAV Knob Hill Chapter 26 is a community service organization (CSO), offering veterans and their families complimentary food assistance. Their meetings take place on the second Tuesday of every month.

DAV 26 also contributes to the Disabled American Veterans Scholarship Program, an initiative that recognizes young volunteers for providing time and compassion for injured veterans within their local communities.

DAV 26’s members are dedicated to meeting the needs of disabled veterans and their families, including by increasing awareness of veteran status and ensuring they receive benefits. The chapter is actively involved with outreach initiatives like working with the Veterans Administration on veterans housing and employment rights as part of this commitment.

Net Worth

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