Dave Baum

Dave Baum – A Compelling Life

Dave Baum had an inquisitive mind, as well as a genuine warmth that endeared him to those around him. This connection eventually led him to become an active community activist, helping people and animals alike.

He is the founder of dave baum media training group, a business that provides coaching for leaders and teams to achieve success. Their services help them become more creative, focused and productive in their work.

Early Life and Education

Early life is an invaluable time for a child’s cognitive development. This period provides them with invaluable opportunities to learn about themselves, their environment and those around them.

Parents play an essential role in their child’s development during this period. They provide them with stimulation, love and nurturing to foster healthy brains as well as life-long skills they will use throughout their lives.

Children develop essential social-emotional skills like self-assurance and respect for others during the early years. These emotional capabilities will serve them well as they face increasingly complex difficulties later in life.

Professional Career

Dave began his career in the financial industry in 1991 and has been an employee benefits broker ever since. His license allows him to offer all types of investments as well as insurance services – group, individual and Medicare.

He is also the co-founder and partner of Butler Capital Advisors, an independent firm that specializes in employee benefits. With his team of knowledgeable professionals, he takes great pride in the service they offer their clients.

David also authored The Million Dollar Round Table, a history of finance and its current impact on society. He holds dual licensure as both clinical psychologist and Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor, but what really defines David is the people he met along the way–including his daughters Rylie Elaine and Piper Nicole–who inspired him to write it down.

Achievements and Honors

David Baum has achieved many notable things throughout his life. He has authored multiple children’s books, worked as a political reporter, and hosted radio and TV talk shows.

He was also a founding member of Harry Marston Haldeman’s men’s social club The Uplifters and wrote numerous plays for their celebrations. Unfortunately, most of these works have since been lost.

He was a pioneer in many fields and made major contributions to science. He is best known for his work in Botany, Phylogenetic tree, Evolutionary biology, Phylogenetics and Ecology.

Personal Life

David Baum was a loving husband, father and grandfather who lived life to the fullest. His passion for family and friends were unwavering, as were his enthusiasm and zest for adventure.

Dave was a media trainer who assisted individuals in navigating the newsroom and speaking confidently with their audiences on radio, TV and print. His instruction focused on media spokesperson, crisis communications and issues-strategy management.

He was an enthusiastic golfer and music fanatic, taking in local acts and artists while listening to The Grateful Dead in his car.

He had a deep-felt affection for his dogs and cats, as well as being an enthusiastic supporter of the Georgia Bulldogs. Additionally, he enjoyed drinking craft beer and imparting knowledge about brewing to others.

Net Worth

David Baum has an estimated net worth of $389 thousand dollars. He acquired this fortune through owning 4,000 units of Marcus stock and earning $129,091 as an Independent Director at Marcus.

He is married to Julie Carabello and they have two children. The couple resides in an apartment together.

The couple’s philanthropy is focused on Jewish causes and schools with which they have a personal connection. In 2018, they donated over $164,000 to organizations and institutions.

Baum has been a partner at Goldman Sachs since 1998 and has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, equity research, global strategy and more. Additionally, he was president of Revolution Golf – one of the world’s leading digital media companies dedicated to golfers worldwide.

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