Dave Below Deck Injury

Below Deck Injury

As season seven of Below Deck Mediterranean winds down, the crew gets ready for the final charter. A new stew will be joining the crew. Abbi is the first, but not the last. It’s still a mystery how this will play out. Some fans speculate that the newest member will take over the reigns after Kyle leaves the yacht.

The latest Below Deck shindig was the episode that featured a major injury. This was a bit of a hiccup, but it certainly was the largest jaw dropper in the series. In fact, it is not the first time a crew member has fallen on the deck of the yacht. Other notable injuries included the loss of several fingers, a fractured spine and a gruesome head wound during the pandemic.

On the night of the accident, Dave was having a bit of a rough day. His leg was sore, and his thigh was bruised. He was feeling the effects of the fun night he had on the Lady Michelle. But he reassured everyone that his leg is fine. Later in the episode, Dave had a few more mishaps, including a fall while doing a yoga pose with Delaney.

While the above-mentioned ol’ hot tub incident is not the first or last of the boat’s many accidents, it was the most memorable and the most dramatic. It also had the biggest impact on the overall show. David was on a boat with no access to land, so it was important that he got medical attention. After a visit to a local hospital, he was able to walk and talk again.

Of course, it was the following day that another major event occurred. David was flirting with Delaney Evans. That’s when he dropped his leg and fell. At this point, it was not clear whether he broke his leg or fractured his spine. Unfortunately, the bruises didn’t heal quickly, so he was left with a limp.

Another notable incident took place when a group of charter guests came aboard. Kyle Viljoen was tasked with blowing up balloons to celebrate the occasion. Though he started out with a lot of anger, he eventually complied. Afterwards, he was told by the doctor to take it easy on his injured leg. However, the doctor’s advice was not followed.

Although this was not the first injury in the series, it was definitely the most serious and most dramatic. And it was one that was not reported. Malia White, the bosun on the yacht, did not report the injury to the captain. She was told that she should have alerted the team of the accident, and that they should have done a better job of keeping an eye on the crew.

Obviously, there were a lot of other things that went wrong during the charter, including the loss of a key crewmember. Despite this, the episode still was a success. For example, it was one of the most watched episodes in the franchise.

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