Dave Connelly

Dave Connelly

Dave Connelly is an accomplished labor and employment attorney. He represents employers in a variety of matters, such as contract negotiation, litigation, and proactive counseling for workplace difficulties.

He has extensive experience serving as general counsel to school districts under receivership, and his litigation practice encompasses cases before labor arbitrators, state and federal courts.

Early Life and Education

Connelly was raised in a working class family of Waynesburg, Ohio and is the first generation college student. His father always encouraged him to pursue higher education; thus, it has become his life’s mission to reach for the stars.

He achieved high academic honors, and chose to pursue a career in writing. With such an artistic mind, it was no surprise that his studies ended with honors.

After graduating, he worked at several newspapers in Florida. His articles focused on crime and drug wars in Fort Lauderdale; additionally, he contributed to a magazine story featuring survivors of a plane crash.

In 1992, he published his debut novel, The Black Echo, which won the Edgar Award for best first novel from Mystery Writers of America. Subsequently, he created four novels featuring Los Angeles police detective Hieronymus Bosch as his protagonist.

Professional Career

Dave Connelly’s professional experience encompasses a broad spectrum of employment law issues. He advises employers on all aspects of labor and employment law, such as collective bargaining, management rights, subcontracting, benefits and employee discipline.

He is an experienced litigator who handles disputes before labor arbitrators, state and federal courts, as well as administrative agencies. Additionally, he advocates for clients during contract negotiations and has successfully negotiated hundreds of agreements on their behalf.

David is a member of Balch’s Energy Practice, where he provides legal and policy guidance to electric utilities before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and U.S. Courts of Appeals. David has extensive expertise in open-access transmission service, cost-of-service rates for transmission and ancillary services, incentive transmission rates, generation interconnection issues and wholesale distribution in bilateral or organized markets; furthermore he advises North American Electric Reliability Corporation compliance matters such as self-reporting requirements, spot checks, formal audits, cybersecurity concerns etc..

Achievements and Honors

Connelly is the editor-in-chief of the esteemed Journal of Management, one of the premier academic business school journals. His scholarly works have received widespread recognition and have been cited more than 10,000 times.

Connelly is a highly respected expert on boards of directors and shareholders, whose research is having an invaluable effect on the world of business. His insights have illuminated timely events like environmental safety, financial misconduct and consumer harm with timely insights.

He is an expert on labor and employment law, providing businesses with advice on complex matters such as strikes, subcontracting, benefits and employee disciplinary cases. He has litigated numerous cases before state and federal courts, administrative agencies and labor arbitrators.

Personal Life

Dave Connelly often imagined himself as a police officer during his childhood. Additionally, he had aspirations of becoming an author after reading Raymond Chandler’s novels as a teenager.

He then pursued journalism and creative writing at the University of Florida, where he created his acclaimed neo-noir thriller series, Harry Bosch. Now translated into 36 languages worldwide, these books have sold over 42 million copies worldwide.

He has written sixteen novels and adapted two of them into movies. His debut novel, Blood Work, was inspired by a friend’s heart transplant and the “survivor’s guilt” it brought about. It went on to become a #1 New York Times bestseller and is being made into a feature film directed by Clint Eastwood.

Net Worth

Jennifer Connelly, an American actress and model, has an estimated net worth of $50 million. She is best known for her roles in films like A Beautiful Mind and Blood Diamond.

Connelly began her modeling career at the tender age of ten when she signed with Ford Model Agency. Since then, her face has been featured on magazine covers and Japanese pop songs.

Critics praised her acting skills and she earned 10 awards for her performance in A Beautiful Mind. Additionally, it proved a hit at the box office.

She starred in several other films, such as 2003’s The Hulk where she played a scientist and the main narrator’s former fiancee. Additionally, House of Sand and Fog featured her portraying of a heroin addict.

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