Dave Crandall

Dave Crandall

Dave Crandall was an accomplished artist, musician, writer and editor renowned in both Washington DC’s theater scene and Baltimore’s arts community.

He served as co-editor of Radar, an arts journal published in Baltimore. Additionally, he helped establish Station North Arts and Entertainment District.

Early Life and Education

In their early years, children learn a great deal about themselves and the world around them. They acquire essential abilities like self-assurance, social awareness, and positive self-belief.

Early childhood education offers children the chance to develop social, cognitive, and emotional skills in a safe environment. Small class sizes, abundant teacher interaction time, and healthy risk-taking encourage kids to express their needs, thoughts, and emotions with confidence in a secure setting.

Prudence Crandall attended Friend’s School in Providence, Rhode Island where she developed an appreciation for her intellect and the potential that education could offer women, blacks, and poor people. Through this education experience she became a champion for social justice issues that affect everyone’s well-being.

Professional Career

Dave Crandall has been in the legal industry since 1987. His expertise lies in wealth transfer planning and large trust administration for clients with estates worth more than $100 million.

He excels at finding creative solutions to complex tax issues. To date, he has implemented over 150 sophisticated wealth transfer and estate plans for his clients.

In addition to his legal practice, he also has an extensive counseling and life coaching background. This expertise allows him to assist people in overcoming common struggles and taking practical steps towards living a rewarding life.

He has a genuine compassion and desire to assist others. His approach is based on compassion and straightforward honesty, enabling people to get at the core of their issues quickly and embark on a path towards lasting transformation.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Crandall has achieved much in his lifetime. He has served as judge, lawyer, physicist and teacher.

He was an acclaimed artist and prominent member of Baltimore’s arts community. Additionally, he served as co-editor for Radar magazine – a local arts review.

His sister Cora Wise describes him as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, composer, computer genius and voracious reader.

He was an incredible teacher and mentored many student teachers. After 39 years at Neal Dow School, he is retiring this year – it will be difficult to imagine a Neal Dow without him!

Personal Life

Dave Crandall was a lifelong learner and passionate advocate for education. This year he was inducted into the Chico Education Hall of Fame.

He taught for 39 years at Neal Dow Elementary School, and it’s hard to imagine the school without him. A beloved educator with great relationships with his students, it’s impossible to imagine life at Neal Dow Elementary without him.

He was immensely proud of his family, especially his four sons. Additionally, he had an avid interest in firefighting and served as a volunteer fireman for several years. Additionally, he was an active member of his church St. Luke’s in Darien where he served on multiple committees.

Net Worth

Dave Crandall is a Christian pastor and licensed attorney, with the passion of helping others reach their full potential. After 32 years in practice, he believes that compassion, wisdom, and practicality are the cornerstones for his successful work with clients.

David is a partner at Holland & Hart, LLP and has created cutting-edge solutions to assist businesses and individuals manage their wealth while reducing tax liabilities. His areas of expertise include estate and wealth transfer planning as well as large trust administration for high-net-worth individuals.

He is worth $1 Million and the director of Gogo Inc, owning 78,934 shares in the company. Since 2004, he has made at least 4 insider trades; you can view his complete trading history by visiting his Form 4 filing with the SEC.

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