Dave Crane

Dave Crane – The Perfect Guest for Your Event

When your event requires some zest, gravitas, industry insights, wisdom and humour, dave crane is the ideal special guest. A BBC trained journalist, life coach, author, recording artist, corporate trainer, therapist, entertainer, radio personality and comedy stage hypnotist; his presence will add an extra dimension to any show or event.

Early Life and Education

David Crane was born on November 1, 1871 in Newark, New Jersey to Jonathan Townley Crane – a Methodist minister who passed away when he was young, leaving his mother to raise him.

Crane’s family moved frequently during his childhood and teenage years, living in various cities. Though he struggled with subjects like science and math, he was highly intelligent.

After attending preparatory school at Claverack College for less than two years, he moved to New York City and lived in a boardinghouse while working as a freelance writer. While exploring the Bowery slums, he developed an interest in poverty and street life that has continued to shape his writing today.

He penned numerous novels and short stories, such as The Red Badge of Courage (1895), which depicts soldiers fighting in the American Civil War. Additionally, he composed some poetry.

Professional Career

Dave founded Activision, one of the world’s largest third-party video game developers. Through his company he helped shape a multibillion dollar industry. Throughout his career he created numerous successful titles such as Pitfall!, an immensely popular game.

He has spearheaded numerous successful business and public service initiatives. Furthermore, his extensive political acumen makes him uniquely qualified to handle any issue that comes his way.

David Crane is passionate about improving the state’s fiscal sustainability and business climate. As an advocate for good government, he holds fast to Milton Friedman’s teachings on “economic opportunity”.

He is an experienced technology and data commercialization attorney with expertise in outsourcing, cloud computing, anti-spam law, procurement, cybersecurity and start-up issues. He frequently speaks and writes on these subjects as well as being a director of the Canadian Technology Law Association.

Achievements and Honors

David Crane is a pioneering figure in the interactive entertainment industry and has created some of the most successful video games. For his accomplishments, he has earned numerous honors and is widely considered to be one of the world’s greatest designers of entertainment software.

In 1979, he helped launch Activision – the first third-party video game company. While at Activision, he designed many of their top hits including Pitfall!

He then left Activision in 1986 to co-found Absolute Entertainment with Garry Kitchen. His most renowned works include Amazing Tennis and A Boy and His Blob, both based on the adventures of a boy and his shape-shifting jellybean-eating blob.

Personal Life

Crane has lived by the axiom, “Life is a challenge you must embrace.” Throughout his professional career, he has dedicated himself to serving both his country and the world at large.

He is a Professor of Practice at Syracuse University College of Law and specializes in international criminal law, national security law and the law of armed conflict. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Advisors for American Bar Association’s International Criminal Court Project.

Crane has earned numerous awards from leading gaming publications for his video game designs, such as Pitfall!, Ghostbusters and A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia. Furthermore, he co-founded Absolute Entertainment which created popular video games such as Amazing Tennis and Little Computer People.

Net Worth

David Crane is a renowned writer and producer, best known for his work on the television show Friends which ran for ten years.

He was born on August 13th, 1957 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to veteran news anchor Gene Crane and his wife Joan.

After graduating from Harrington High School, he continued on to Brandeis University where he studied theatre. Soon after graduation, he began working in the television industry.

David Crane and his longtime friend Marta Kauffman joined forces to launch the hit sitcom Friends. It became an enormous hit, earning both parties substantial amounts of money from its success.

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