Dave Dollinger

Dave Dollinger

Dave Dollinger is a successful businessman who has created an impressive portfolio of industrial, retail and office properties in California. With many years of experience in the real estate sector, he’s amassed over one million square feet of R&D, office and retail space.

He and his wife Tara are passionate philanthropists who travel the world to aid those in need. Their latest gift will fund the establishment of a biorepository for Pandemic Disorders research.

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Professional Career

Dave Dollinger has had a storied career in construction and real estate, amassing an impressive fortune along the way. His multi-million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills during the late 90s earned him millions in bonuses and awards during his tenure at the helm of his company which bears his name. With his beautiful wife and two pups to boot, his name is sure to be on many people’s lips – both locals and visitors to Los Angeles alike! Dave remains at the cutting edge of their industry with regularly making headlines with their latest big ideas; one notable accomplishment being top-of-the-line corporate headquarters situated right here in downtown LA.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Dollinger has been a fixture on the real estate scene since 1970 and can proudly claim to have been among the first builders in Los Angeles’s vibrant Westwood area. A self-declared land geek, his passions include golfing, tennis and having an occasional round of bourbon on the rocks with his beloved. After many years together in marriage that were filled with sexual tensions, they’re no longer seeking thrills; rather they are enjoying raising their offspring with no strings attached – who may just end up joining all of us one day at this table!

Personal Life

David Dollinger is an award-winning comedian, musician and radio host who has performed at festivals such as SXSW, San Francisco Sketchfest, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bumbershoot and Bonnaroo.

Dave is an American born on Valentine’s Day 1975 in Weedpatch, California and attended Pepperdine University for his education.

He is a self-declared family man, dedicated to his children and wife. Additionally, he supports the LGBT+ community and works for equal rights for all.

Dave was married to Rachel Hollis for sixteen years until their separation in 2020. During their union, they had four children together; however, ultimately it was decided that there were irreconcilable differences which caused them to part ways.

Net Worth

David Dollinger has achieved great success as a real estate businessman, amassing an impressive net worth through his investments. After working in this industry for over ten years, he has earned substantial wealth through his investments.

He has amassed a substantial wealth through his philanthropic activities. He is dedicated to giving back to the community and has an intense interest in social justice issues.

Dave Dollinger and his wife Tara Juergens are passionate about improving the world around them. They regularly travel the globe, always willing to contribute their time and energy towards causes they believe in.

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