Dave Hildenbrand

Dave Hildenbrand

Dave Hildenbrand was a former politician who served in both Michigan’s House of Representatives and State Senate. As chair of the influential Senate Appropriations Committee, his influence over policy decisions was undeniable.

Dave is an enthusiastic outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and exploring Michigan’s natural resources. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Resource Management from Michigan State University.

Early Life and Education

David Hildenbrand was born in Grand Rapids and is the youngest of six siblings. After graduating as valedictorian from Lowell High School, he worked on a neighboring dairy farm to finance college expenses. Ultimately, he earned a bachelor’s degree in public resource management from Michigan State University.

Dave is an enthusiastic outdoorsman, taking pleasure in hunting, fishing, camping and taking in Michigan State University’s natural splendor. Additionally, he has long been an advocate for education, having served on the Board of Directors at Michigan State University Foundation.

One of his greatest achievements was founding the Colonial Music Institute, which conducts and promotes research informed by interdisciplinary scholarship. It produces sound recordings, CD-ROMs, sheet music, books (scholarly and performing editions), online databases and resources for researching American music from the seventeenth to early nineteenth centuries.

Professional Career

Dave Hildenbrand has over two decades of experience in financial management. Currently, he serves as Chief Financial Officer for LifeShare Management Group LLC.

He served as Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee for four years, overseeing a $56 billion annual budget while providing record funding to education, healthcare, roads, public health and safety initiatives.

Before joining the Senate, Hildenbrand served as chief of staff to State Senator Bill Hardiman and deputy chief of staff to Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus; she also served as an agriculture policy advisor to former Michigan Governor John Engler.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in public resource management from Michigan State University and enjoys being outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping and exploring Michigan’s abundant natural resources. Furthermore, he is affiliated with Right to Life of Michigan and Kent County Farm Bureau.

Achievements and Honors

In the early 1990s, Hildenbrand revolutionized music with his invention of Auto-Tune technology. That same year he also founded Antares Audio Technologies – which would become an industry leader in digital signal processing.

He was an accomplished political candidate, serving in the Michigan State Senate from 2011 to 2018, serving as assistant majority leader during that time. During his tenure there, he helped achieve several notable legislative and budgeting achievements–including making history by spending the largest ever on public transportation for Michigan. An avid outdoorsman and champion of Michigan’s natural resources, he is renowned for his charitable work which includes supporting local businesses and charities alike.

Personal Life

Dave Hildenbrand was a former politician who served in the United States Senate. He was a Republican and represented the 29th district.

During his time in the Senate, Hildenbrand was the chair of the appropriations committee, overseeing a budget that funded education, roads, health care and public safety months ahead of schedule.

He also worked in the Michigan House of Representatives, where he was a member of the Appropriations and Health Policy committees.

He is currently a government affairs consultant and is seeking election to the Kent County Commission. He has a bachelor’s degree in public resource management from Michigan State University.

Net Worth

Hildebrand has amassed a fortune through oil, real estate and banking. He founded Hilcorp, an international oil and gas company which has become one of the world’s largest independent producers.

He has made a fortune from purchasing distressed assets during the financial crisis. His bank in Texas and Nevada, which doubled its profits last year, is another testament to his success.

He is an ardent horse enthusiast and owns a ranch in Aspen with its own polo field. Additionally, he has a second residence at Snowmass Creek.

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