Dave Kepler

Dave Kepler

Dave Kepler is the Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) for Dow Chemical Company. Additionally, he serves on its Executive Leadership Committee and as a corporate director in Shared Services.

He is also the founder of the Patricia and David Kepler Foundation, which works to enhance quality of life in Michigan’s Great Lakes region. He resides in Sanford, Michigan with his wife Patti.

Early Life and Education

Kepler received his education in Latin, Greek and Hebrew at an early age; however he developed an intense interest in science as a young man. At 19 years old he was sent to Tubingen, Germany’s premier center of learning where he pursued astronomy under Professor Wilhelm Roentgen.

He was taught astronomy by Professor Mastlin, who believed that the sun exerted a force on planets orbiting it. Additionally, Kepler Copernicus shared his new heliocentric view of the universe which revolutionized science forever.

Kepler was a spiritual man who saw astronomy as the natural science closest to God’s plan for creation. He saw his work as an obligation to his Christian faith, which he believed to be a direct path to God. Despite his technical proficiency and scientific acumen, Kepler always maintained that the only way to truly comprehend the Universe lay in philosophical analysis of it.

Professional Career

Dave Kepler has spent his professional career with the Twins. After being selected by them in 2015, he quickly made a name for himself in the minor leagues.

Kepler has had some difficulty at the plate, yet his defensive numbers have only served to increase his value. According to SABR’s most recent SDI rankings, he ranks among MLB’s top right fielders.

Given his age-31 season remaining on his current contract, it’s understandable why the Twins would want him back for 2022. However, it would be wise for them to consider other options moving forward as well.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Kepler has had a monumental effect on science and astronomy. His discoveries of hundreds of planets orbiting other stars are widely acknowledged as revolutionizing exoplanet research.

He has earned several accolades, with the National Space Club recently honoring him as one of their top honorees for his accomplishments.

His tenure at the university saw him serve as both head men’s and women’s cross country coach, inspiring the Panthers to multiple Missouri Valley Conference titles.

He is now the director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas and oversees a series of follow-up missions that will continue to confirm planets discovered by Kepler’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).

Personal Life

Kepler’s astronomical investigations are informed by his philosophical background. This can be seen in the development of an intricate theory of cosmology that runs throughout all his works.

His cosmology is founded on the assumption of God’s existence and that He created the world in perfect harmony with His will (known as “perfect harmonic” physics). Thus, it has an a priori foundation: all knowledge must come from within the universe itself but can only be understood through a specific set of rules.

The first law of planetary motion states that planets’ orbits are ellipses. The second law, gravity, states a planet’s position is affected by the weight of objects around it. Finally, light travels through our solar system at an irreversible speed.

Net Worth

Kepler’s net worth is $5 Million, acquired through his career in baseball, investments and other activities. He founded TCP Investments which promotes regional economic development by investing in local business projects and real estate development; furthermore he serves as director for Teradata Corp.

Kepler began playing baseball at the age of six and received a scholarship to play tennis; however, he ultimately chose baseball instead. He went on to play for Buchbinder Legionare Regensburg in Germany’s highest baseball league, the Bundesliga, before signing with Minnesota Twins in 2009 for US$800,000 – then-the largest signing bonus given to an European-born player ever. Despite his limited offensive production over his four seasons in the majors, Kepler has consistently been recognized for his strong defensive value and has been named a Gold Glove candidate each season since entering professional baseball.

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