Dave Kusel

Dave Kusel is a Marketing Guru

Dave Kusel is a Watertown businessman and photographer who documents important events in Manning and its surrounding areas.

In 1849, the Kusel family launched their tinware manufacturing business. Their son Fred served as captain of Company E of the 20th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War.

Early Life and Education

The early years (birth to three) are incredibly critical in brain development and can lay the foundation for lifelong learning and success. This period marks when children form their first relationships with adults, acquire skills, learn to play, and explore new environments.

UNESCO defines early childhood education as “a process of cultivating a child’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social capacities through play”. This period represents one of the most critical points in human development and represents our best chance to ensure our kids grow up healthy, content and well-educated.

Early child development is greatly influenced by environmental influences, exposure to positive experiences and secure relationships with parents and other adults. When these elements come together, a child’s learning capacity, behaviors and mental/physical health will be significantly boosted.

Professional Career

Dave is an accomplished marketing expert, boasting an impressive list of accomplishments. As marketing director he holds a major responsibility: overseeing all brand and product-related matters for Kusel. During his tenure as head honcho he’s rebranded Kusel, redesigned its website, and released numerous new innovations to keep both his team and customers delighted for years to come.

He is an active philanthropist, having donated time, money and expertise to numerous worthy causes. One particularly memorable contribution was the establishment of a scholarship in his name to assist an academically talented student from Binghamton University who is now studying at the University of Maryland.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Kusel, a Watertown resident, has achieved much in his life and been recognized for his accomplishments by numerous organizations and awarded several times.

His accomplishments and honors have propelled him to the top of the leadership development world. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow of the Collegiate Leadership Competition, Chair of the Leadership Scholarship Member Interest Group within International Leadership Association, as well as faculty for Leadership Educators Academy.

He was appointed Director of the Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications Program in August 2019. Additionally, he serves as associate professor within this program teaching courses on leadership theory and development.

Personal Life

Dave is a highly accomplished marketing and sales professional with an eye for relationship selling. At Kusel, he oversees various marketing initiatives that have propelled the 171-year-old company into its next chapter.

Dave has achieved much for Kusel, including rebranding its products and creating a modern website to take it forward. Additionally, he spearheaded the establishment of their Facebook page and Twitter account which were warmly received by both customers and distributors alike.

He was an ardent family man, enjoying watching his children play baseball, softball, football, golf and bowling. Additionally he was a proud grandpa to Erin and Brody Kerkhoff as well as Ross, Brock and Kora Kusel.

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