Dave Nickamin

Dave Nickamin

Dave Nickamin is a nationally certified massage and therapeutic bodywork therapist based in Boulder, Colorado. In his free time he enjoys backpacking, rock and mountain climbing, as well as traveling. A member of the American Alpine Club and veteran of several Himalayan expeditions, Dave is proud to be married to Angie and father to Hayden.

Early Life and Education

Children learn a great deal from their parents and primary caregivers, but for healthy development they need active stimulation and interaction with other people. Early childhood education (ECE) helps kids acquire these necessary skills through enjoyable activities and classroom experiences.

ECE programs are essential in equipping children with essential social and emotional competencies that will set them up for future educational success. Furthermore, they lay the groundwork for numeracy, literacy and critical thinking abilities.

During the first eight years of a child’s life, their brain develops rapidly. Nutrition and social interaction in early childhood play an integral role in this major milestone.

National University’s Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education (BAECE) program offers an excellent preparation for students aspiring to be early childhood educators. In addition to core classes like Learning and Behavior in Early Childhood, BAECE students also have the option of completing five hours of field experience for each class they take.

Achievement and Honors

Academic awards and honors are a valuable addition to your resume. They demonstrate that you’ve excelled in studies, are an exemplary worker, and provide validation from a third-party source of your value to potential employers.

Make sure your achievement section is concise and precise. Eliminate awards that aren’t pertinent to your application or future career plans, instead focus on truly exceptional accomplishments like being the top student in your high school class, winning an award at a statewide poetry competition or representing your country in an international mathematics contest. Doing this will help you stand out from others by showcasing your commitment to education and enthusiasm for what you study. Donate now to support Honors students on their path towards prestigious recognition and accomplishment!

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