Dave Obituary

Dave Obituary

David Pantier was a kind and thoughtful man with an upbeat outlook on life. He enjoyed spending time with family and friends, as well as his infectious laugh that could brighten anyone’s day.

He dedicated his career to aiding young children and families in Wisconsin, prioritizing family over career advancement. Turning down promotions and job offers from Madison in order to remain there, he chose his family over career success.

Early Life and Education

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Dave was an accomplished musician and jazz enthusiast from the age of eight. Throughout his life, he organized spontaneous jam sessions with family and friends to showcase his musical talent.

His passion for music was a driving force in his life, leading him to pursue a career as both composer and conductor. Additionally, he was an accomplished writer who published some of his own work. In later years, his interests expanded into photography and digital art – especially taking photos of sunsets and flowers in Martha’s garden.

Professional Career

Dave’s professional journey was filled with challenges and triumphs. He began as a college athlete before blossoming into an accomplished business owner.

He founded several health care companies, including Spectrum Emergency Care Inc., a medical emergency response provider that became one of the nation’s most renowned. He and his twin brother Douglas sold the business in 2012 and he retired later that year.

He dedicated his life to aiding others and was an innate leader. He served as a valued mentor and speaker on legal and social justice topics, especially pro bono work which focused on those whose lives had been negatively impacted by injustices. Most importantly, he loved spending time with his grandchildren.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Dave was a kind and compassionate individual who always took time to listen and care for others. His integrity and honesty were an example to follow, and his coworkers held him in high regard.

He was an exemplary father and husband, loving his family with all his heart. Through him, he instilled values such as honesty, loyalty, and perseverance into his children and grandchildren.

Dave enjoyed reading, old tractors, model trains, camping, fishing and traveling in his free time. His goal was to visit all 50 states; he’s only four short of his goal.

He was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and dedicated to serving God. He held several church positions and had a profound effect on many lives through his ministry.

Net Worth

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