David Albin

David Albin

David Albin is a Partner at Finn Dixon & Herling and specializes in mergers and acquisitions, private equity/venture capital, securities law and general representation.

He has extensive experience representing public and private companies in merger transactions and other corporate matters. Additionally, he is an active member of both the Connecticut Bar Association and American Bar Association.

Early Life and Education

David Albin was born on the month day of 1897 in his birthplace of Indiana to Lewis Delbert Albin and Amanda (nee Peterson) Albin.

David went on to attend Brigham Young University Idaho, earning his BFA in 2006. There he gained the knowledge necessary for him to hone his artistic abilities and break into the gallery scene.

He has had the unique chance to travel extensively. His passion for music has allowed him to participate in a number of musical events and festivals around the world.

He and his wife Jeane are passionate philanthropists who donate to several local charities. Additionally, they have donated 27 acres for a community park in Black Canyon. When not hiking or playing sports with their family, the couple enjoys taking long nature hikes, playing golf, or spending time together.

Professional Career

David is an accomplished mergers and acquisitions lawyer. He provides advice to private equity, venture capitalists and other investment funds on a wide variety of transactions.

He advises private and public companies on corporate governance, contract law and other related matters. Furthermore, he is an active participant in both state and national bar associations as well as serving on the board of directors of several banks.

As former General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of a multi-strategy asset manager, David has designed, implemented and administered numerous business relationships, transactions and legal/compliance operating infrastructures. These accomplishments include completing numerous private fund organizations, mergers & acquisitions, public offerings, securitizations and other corporate finance deals with values ranging from $10 million to over $1 billion.

Achievements and Honors

David Albin has earned a host of distinctions throughout his life. Most recently, he was honored with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) Distinguished Innovator award for his groundbreaking contributions to thin-film photovoltaics.

He has also been recognized for his community service. For the past three years, he has volunteered at Friends Food Pantry, helping stock shelves and deliver groceries to low-income families.

He is an experienced appellate lawyer, having appeared in 11 matters before the New Jersey Supreme Court. He excels at advocating for his clients’ interests and has served on a number of committees for trade associations. Furthermore, he has authored several amicus briefs related to major appeals in New Jersey.

Personal Life

David Albin has always had a passion for athletics. As part of his high school water polo team, he competed in triathlons during college.

He enjoys running and cycling as well as participating in martial arts. Overall, he strives to stay fit and healthy.

Albin, a lifelong resident of Black Canyon City, is well-known to both his community and fellow business owners. As an active supporter of the BCC chamber of commerce, he served on numerous committees for the city.

Net Worth

Albin is believed to have a net worth of $13.8 million. He owns 191,933 units of Renewable Inc stock and makes $919,156 as Vice President – Manufacturing at the company.

Hersh has invested an undisclosed amount in esports, becoming the lead investor in Dallas-based Team Envy – which owns gaming rights to Overwatch and Call of Duty games. After reading an article about an uptick in opportunity in esports, Hersh saw an opportunity and decided to invest.

Hersh and his wife Julie, a lawyer who runs the family foundation, have been actively giving back to their community for years. Recently they joined two dozen North Texas philanthropic funding organizations in an unprecedented alliance to ensure critical nonprofits remain open during this crisis.

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