David Audley

David Audley

David Audley has been a lawyer since 1985 and currently serves as Practice Group Leader of the Litigation Group at Chapman and Cutler LLP. His practice areas encompass commercial litigation, particularly creditor/debtor work, bankruptcy law, securitization/security fraud issues, government finance & tax matters and banking law.

Early Life and Education

David Audley served his nation during his early life and attended Merton College, Oxford. Later he earned a master of arts degree and worked as an editor for The Oxford Times.

Audley’s family was close, and he had an in-depth knowledge of history. He took particular interest in military history and enjoyed reading crime fiction books.

His novels often focus on the Second World War and Cold War topics. He often forgoes including Audley as the main character in favor of more intricate plotlines.

One of his best-known novels, The Hour of the Donkey, chronicles the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940. The main protagonist in this tale is David Audley – a British intelligence officer who excels in his field.

Professional Career

David Audley has had a relatively successful professional boxing career. He earned gold at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, but since then has lost seven out of his 30 fights.

In his last four fights, Harrison has been knocked out three times. On October 13 at Liverpool Echo Arena, he hopes to get back in the groove by defeating unbeaten Liverpudlian David Price for a third straight win.

Anthony Price’s novel series follows Audley, the chief protagonist and best agent of a clandestine counter-espionage Department of the Ministry of Defense disguised as “Research and Development”. He works alongside colleagues Paul Mitchell, an historian; Hugh Roskill, a squadron leader; and Jack Butler – another spy.

Achievement and Honors

David Audley is an accomplished attorney with deep expertise in commercial litigation. His practice areas include general commercial and complex civil disputes, with specialization in corporate, public utility and state authority financing; securitization & securities fraud issues; as well as government finance & tax law.

He currently serves as a partner at CHAPMAN AND CUTLER, LLP and has been an attorney since 1985. Martindale-Hubbell has recognized him as one of the top attorneys in his field for his dedication to professional ethics and professionalism. An award-winning leader with a passion for his craft, he enjoys running and photography in his free time; additionally he’s served on various boards of directors while remaining an active participant within his community.

Personal Life

David Audley is a renowned former historian who now works as a spy. He stands out for his extensive research interests and unconventional tactics.

His books have been adapted into television series, the most popular being Chessgame.

Price wrote 19 David Audley novels, stories that span time and examine the connections between past events and present day issues.

Author Price wasn’t content with simple linear plots; he preferred to fill his characters’ lives with ghosts from the past and examine how events decades or centuries later were affected by those same choices. Furthermore, Price enjoyed creating complex interactions between primary and secondary characters.

Net Worth

David Audley is an American wealth manager with a net worth of $1 million. He has been working in the financial industry since 1993, helping clients manage their assets and reach their investment objectives.

He currently serves as President and Chief Investment Officer for Argent Wealth Advisors, LLC. His responsibilities include asset allocation, portfolio management and strategic planning.

Audley is married to Faith and has two children. In his free time, he enjoys reading books and playing sports with his family.

He serves on the board of directors for several nonprofit organizations and has extensive experience in financial services, having worked with various firms to assist clients manage their money. Furthermore, he is a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, Financial Planning Association and Bay Area Estate Planning Council.

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