David Ballew

David Ballew

David Ballew is a painter of plein-air southwestern landscapes who draws inspiration from Eastern literature, art, meditation and spirituality. These elements are intertwined in his creative process as he sees them as similar in essence and essential tools.

He has been employed as Communications and Media Arts Director with Watered Gardens and the True Charity Initiative in Joplin, Missouri for about one and a half years. Additionally, he is an avid volunteer for the organization.

Early Life and Education

David Ballew was born in 1955 and specializes in plein-air southwestern landscape painting. His paintings are inspired by fossils found on Earth over millions of years, such as an iridescent-winged dragonfly that landed on a mud flat and still displays its wing pattern today.

He attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and University of Georgia, as well as Beckmann & Pinson Professional Corporation in Savannah. Additionally, he was a member of both the State Bar of Georgia and Georgia Defense Lawyers Association, with Martindale-Hubbell rating him highly for legal ability. Furthermore, he has penned several articles for publication. Currently living between New Mexico and Connecticut with his partner Paula V. Maestas, he was previously married to Mary Knudson.

Professional Career

David Ballew is a highly esteemed lawyer. In 2019, Super Lawyers named him one of Washington State’s top 100 attorneys.

David is a highly accomplished global contingent workforce & talent acquisition leader with an impressive list of design innovations. He’s also an accomplished author and passionate public speaker, having delivered keynote addresses at numerous industry events.

He holds a degree from Regent’s University in London, UK; studied law and business management in the United States; and holds several industry certifications. With an eye for design and passion for innovation, his most significant professional achievement was creating the first managed service provider solution for Kelly Services – a company with global reach.

Achievements and Honors

David Ballew has been an established professional in the beverage industry for more than three decades. His expertise encompasses start-up ventures, business management and brand management, distributor/supplier relationships as well as on- and off-premise channel development.

Recently, he served as Chief Operating Officer of Terlato Distell Artisan Spirits – a joint venture spirits company created by Terlato Wine International and Distell Global Beverage Company. Prior to that, he spent eight years at Moet Hennessy USA in New York City where he developed and organized their national off-premise sales team.

He has held various roles with E&J Gallo, Premier Beverage, Trinchero Family Estates and Heublein. When not at work, he enjoys painting and spending time outdoors with his family. An avid Auburn University (War Eagle!) fan, he and his wife Nancy currently reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with their three children.

Personal Life

David Ballew is an artist specializing in Plein-air southwestern landscape painting. He was inspired to create this style of artwork after discovering a fossil of an ancient dragonfly on his living room table.

He enjoys horseback riding and taking his grandchildren hunting. Currently, he resides in New Mexico.

David has endured numerous health issues throughout his life and had to undergo numerous surgeries. Nevertheless, David was able to receive care through the kindness of friends and family members.

He has thus been able to sustain a high quality of life. He continues to paint and spend time with his family. Additionally, he is an active member of the American Watercolor Society.

Net Worth

David Ballew is a singer-songwriter with an estimated net worth of $2 million. He’s best known as the guitarist and vocalist for alternative rock band The Presidents of the United States of America, but also works as Caspar Babypants – his children’s music project. Married to collage artist Kate Endle, Ballew grew up in Seattle before graduating Marysville-Pilchuck High School where he earned four years as a varsity athlete and earned several awards.

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