David Bankert

David Bankert – A Counselor at Retreat Behavioral Health

David Bankert is a Counselor with Retreat Behavioral Health in Ephrata, PA.

He has been a licensed social worker for more than 25 years.

Stephen has served on the Wake County Republican Party for 30 years, bringing with him an extensive array of experience to the Board.

Early Life and Education

The early years, from birth to age 8, are critical periods in a child’s development. During this time, they build social skills, self-worth and an understanding of the world that will last a lifetime.

Children’s experiences during these formative years shape them for life and play an integral role in brain development and cognitive function. Positive experiences set children up for successful futures, while traumatic or adverse ones may lead to serious issues later on.

Research reveals that an effective Early Childhood Education experience can reduce learning delays, enhance academic performance and boost school success rates. Furthermore, ECE can have a beneficial effect on health, economic productivity, responsible citizenship behaviors as well as community building activities.

Professional Career

David Bankert is an engineering prodigy with extensive experience in manufacturing, construction and data analytics. As legislator, David hopes to apply his problem solving skillset to the NC Senate.

One of his proudest accomplishments was winning awards for launching the state’s first public radio station and initiating an innovative collaboration with IBM that resulted in one of the world’s leading software companies.

He is renowned for his advocacy work on behalf of veterans, which included serving as Executive Director of the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame. Additionally, he has earned recognition as an advocate for mental health awareness. Most recently, he was selected by American Business Awards as one of North Carolina’s top business leaders.

Achievements and Honors

After 32 years at Warehaus, Bankert was named its CEO. His responsibilities include overseeing all strategic management of the firm and developing internal policies, budgets, business plans and processes to drive growth and development. He also manages day-to-day operations of both architecture and engineering divisions alongside David Koratich who has been with Warehaus since 1999 as Director of Engineering. Bankert and Koratich will continue building upon the foundation established by their predecessors while providing excellence in service to their clients.

He was an accomplished high school and college athlete before being adopted from an orphanage at a young age. To finance his education, he worked in a brick mill to earn money for schooling. Since then, his career has been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, honoring diligence, integrity and compassion with equal passion.

Personal Life

David Bankert’s childhood was filled with faith, family and music. As a high school and college athlete, David learned the value of hard work and commitment to reach your goals. Additionally, he developed qualities such as integrity and compassion which have served him well throughout his professional career.

Bankert is renowned for his accomplishments both professionally and personally. Aside from his work with the National Football League and as a high school and college basketball coach, Bankert also has extensive expertise in athletics administration and facility management. With over two decades of experience under his belt, he is currently an Associate Athletic Director at Malone University in Canton, Ohio.

Net Worth

David Bankert is an ABC News journalist, writer and television personality based in Chicago, Illinois. He currently hosts the morning show “Morning in America” for ABC News.

Adrienne Bankert was born on May 6, 1979 in Sacramento, California and is the eldest of her parents’ seven children.

She graduated from Wheatland High School and then continued on to the University of Southern California to study Communication and Media Studies.

After graduating, she worked for several media outlets. However, her career took an exciting turn when she joined KCRA-TV – an NBC affiliate station in Sacramento.

In 2012, she felt she had achieved all that was possible at KCRA-TV and moved on to CBS 11 KTVT in Dallas, Texas. There, her skillset were further developed as a featured reporter on “CBS 11 News at 11” and “The Talk”.

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