David Bertram

David Bertram

Director David Bertram, from France and currently based in Paris, has the unique gift of creating films that are emotionally charged and impactful. His music video for electronic duo Bicep’s “Saku” is an example of this skill in both technical and narrative execution.

He has recently joined the Fort Plain Central School District as Director of Student Engagement and Athletics, following many years in public education with various assignments such as elementary teaching, boys varsity basketball and tennis coaching, as well as being an administrator.

Early Life and Education

David Bertram was born and raised in Shallotte, North Carolina and served in World War I before succumbing to age 73 on February 15th 1973.

He earned both his master’s and doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Indianapolis. Additionally, he completed a predoctoral internship at Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center and a neuropsychology postdoctoral fellowship at St. Louis Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

He is a member of the American Psychological Association and International Neuropsychological Society with an expertise in dementia, Parkinson’s disease and stroke research. When not traveling or fishing, fishing NASCAR, crime shows such as Murder She Wrote or barbecuing are his passions. When not working or playing piano for clients, he enjoys socializing with friends and giving back to the community whenever possible.

Professional Career

David Bertram has had a distinguished career in public education. He has held various positions such as elementary teacher, boys varsity basketball and tennis coach, administrator, and most recently served as director of health, physical education and athletics for Mohonasen Central School District.

He is an award-winning music video director, having directed projects for major artists. His latest effort for Bicep, Saku, won Best VFX in a Music Video at this year’s UKMVAs and was nominated for multiple other awards as well. Additionally, he signed on with Blink UK/Netherlands to represent their products. To date his work has demonstrated both his natural ability as a director as well as the capacity to tackle complex narrative structure and technical execution with ease.

Achievements and Honors

David Bertram has left a lasting legacy through his many accomplishments. As a coach, he amassed an impressive 256-87 basketball record with five Section III titles, two region crowns and one trip to the state final.

He also coached tennis teams, compiling a 240-15 dual match record and eight Section III titles. Most notably, he mentored his son Tyler who excelled in both sports and is now a freshman at Binghamton University.

After spending over a decade as a creative in Paris, Bertram decided to follow his dream of becoming a director. His natural ability for textured storytelling allows him to elevate the human element and infuse each frame of his films with an exquisite sense of cinematic beauty.

Personal Life

David Bertram is an esteemed filmmaker renowned for his breathtaking visuals and skillful storytelling. His films showcase poignant human drama at their core, providing viewers with a compelling journey that unfolds over time.

He is a trained director with an eye for captivating cinematography. In his films, he strives to make every second count and craft powerful, thought-provoking stories.

He is a licensed psychologist with master’s and doctorates in clinical psychology, as well as postdoctoral fellowships in neuropsychology. Additionally, he belongs to both American Psychological Association and International Neuropsychology Society.

Net Worth

David Bertram is an affluent businessman with an estimated net worth of $503 Million. This fortune stems from his investments, businesses and properties.

David is also an accomplished stock trader. According to Form 4 filings with the SEC, he has made over 14 trades of Lowe’s Cos stock since 2003.

He owns more than 6,250 shares of Lowe’s Cos stock.

David and Anita are both deeply committed to the wellbeing of their children, yet David’s busy work schedule prevents him from visiting Wisconsin regularly. Anita testified that she has made arrangements for the kids’ care to be provided by her mother while David works.

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