David Braghirol

David Braghirol

David Braghirol is an attorney specializing in Adoption, Divorce & Family law who practices out of Columbia, South Carolina.

He has a history of being disciplined by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) for misconduct. As such, his professional license was suspended temporarily. After being charged by ODC with serious offenses and having his professional license suspended due to misconduct by others, the Commission on Lawyer Conduct issued a Panel Report finding him guilty.

Early Life and Education

David Braghirol was born on August 30th 1748 in Paris to Francois Buron and Jacques-Francois Desmaisons. As a young man, his two uncles raised him: Francois Buron and Francois-Philippe Desmaisons.

At a young age, David dreamed of becoming an artist. His uncles encouraged him in this pursuit.

In 1766, he joined the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture, studying under Joseph-Marie Vien. His passion was ancient history and mythology; thus he spent much of his time in Italy drawing inspiration from antique models.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of the French Revolution and actively involved in politics. Despite twice narrowly escaping arrest during this time, he returned to painting. Many of his masterpieces featured Napoleon himself. In 1803, he was knighted by the Legion of Honor. Unfortunately, he passed away on December 29th 1825.

Personal Life

David Braghirol was born in Goshen, New York and the youngest of six children. He graduated from Boiling Springs High School in 1990 and Presbyterian College with a degree in political science and business, which ultimately led him to pursue a career in law. Earning his juris doctorate from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1997, Braghirol had an ambition to help those unable to resolve their matters on their own.

He began his legal career as a trial attorney at the law offices of Joe McCulloch in Columbia, SC and quickly gained notoriety for his expertise on criminal defense cases. After working there for several years, he opened his own firm and began expanding his legal services.

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