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The Peninsula Campaign and the Necessity of Emancipation – African Americans and the Fight for Freedom

Glenn David Brasher’s The Peninsula Campaign and the Necessity of Emancipation: African Americans in the Fight for Freedom outlines how President Lincoln was ultimately inspired by their defeat at the Peninsula Campaign in spring 1862 to issue his Emancipation Proclamation.

This remarkable narrative history delves into how African American involvement in the Civil War dramatically altered its outcome for America. It shows that African American soldiers provided crucial intelligence that informed military tactics and strategy, while their actions persuaded Northerners that emancipation was an essential aspect of victory during this conflict.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood development is a critical foundation for learning, behavior and health. From birth to age eight, a child’s brain experiences rapid growth and development, creating billions of connections between individual neurons that will shape their learning capacity, behaviors and eventual brain health.

ECE is an expansive field that encompasses a range of activities designed to foster cognitive and social development before children enter kindergarten. Some programs focus on school readiness while others take a “whole child” approach that emphasizes mental and emotional preparedness.

Professional Career

David Brasher has been an integral part of the automotive industry for three decades, holding various leadership roles such as Editor in Chief of Hot Rod and HOT ROD Deluxe magazine.

He’s the co-host of the popular television show Roadkill Garage, in which he and fellow car enthusiast Mike Finnegan build and race vehicles. Not only does the show showcase some amazing cars but it also gives interesting facts about the automotive industry.

David Brasher is best known as the Editor-in-Chief of Hot Rod and HOT ROD Deluxe magazines, as well as host of the television series Roadkill Garage. This esteemed position necessitates a great deal of hard work and dedication to succeed.

Achievement and Honors

Brasher, a former softball player, has been instrumental in the growth of several USSSA specialty sports in Louisiana. As executive director for USSSA in the state, he oversees more than 40 coaches.

He has received numerous accolades, such as the University System of Georgia Teaching Excellence Award (2006), Governor’s Teaching Fellows Summer Symposium (2010) and Stanley J. Brasher Legacy Award from CHAMPS organization.

He is an active participant in the East Georgia College community, supporting its town-and-gown relationship with Swainsboro and serving as key adviser to student clubs such as Musicmakers Anonymous and Book Club. Furthermore, he enthusiastically backs the college’s service mission.

Personal Life

Brasher’s personal life has been filled with difficulties that he has struggled to overcome. His mental health and relationships had both taken a turn for the worse, leaving him unable to take care of himself.

On November 6, 2018, he committed a bank robbery at Bank of America in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He presented the teller with a note demanding cash and suggesting he had something explosive in his possession.

On being arrested, he was charged with multiple felonies. Sentenced to imprisonment and a fine, he received both.

Net Worth

David Brasher, born July 6, 1936 in Pennington, Texas to Jeff and Nora Brasher, passed away October 26, 2018. He is survived by his four children: son David with wife Cassie; daughter Tammy Davis and husband David; and Bobbie Melton and Darron.

According to his SEC filing, he owns 23% of Woodbridge, an investment management firm owned by the Thomson family. Furthermore, he serves as director for The Globe and Mail newspaper.

He serves on the board of True North Entertainment, owner of the Winnipeg Jets hockey team. Additionally, he owns Osmington Real Estate Development Company.

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