David Buckel

David Buckel – A Well-Known Lawyer and Environmental Activist

David Buckel was an American lawyer and environmental activist who tragically passed away on April 14th 2018 at 6:30am in Brooklyn, New York from complications due to a stroke. He was well known for his advocacy of LGBT rights as well as campaigning against fossil fuel usage.

He was a leading attorney in the case of Brandon Teena, the Nebraska man whose death inspired the film Boys Don’t Cry, and also worked on same-sex marriage cases. His passing was an immense loss for both climate activism and LGBT rights advocates alike.

Early Life and Education

Buckel, a senior attorney with Lambda Legal, was renowned for his keen insight and compassion toward others. Dohrn described him as “a funny, wry person with sharp wit.”

He had an exceptional capacity for listening and empathy, which made him especially effective when dealing with clients. Additionally, his expertise extended to civil rights cases involving LGBT individuals.

Buckel’s most significant accomplishments included helping to secure a landmark decision that guaranteed gay couples the same rights as heterosexual married couples. Furthermore, he championed for transgender men to join Boy Scouts of America chapters.

On Saturday, he took his own life by setting himself ablaze in Prospect Park West in Brooklyn and left behind a note encouraging people to lead more selfless lives. Additionally, he sent the note via email to several major news outlets.

Professional Career

Dave Buckel dedicated much of his professional career to fighting for the rights of LGBT individuals. As a lawyer with Lambda Legal, an advocacy organization dedicated to equality for all, he worked diligently towards this cause.

He helped file a lawsuit to secure justice for Brandon Teena, a transgender man who was brutally raped and murdered in Nebraska. This case inspired the 1999 Academy Award-winning film Boys Don’t Cry, starring Hilary Swank.

He was an outspoken environmental advocate and championed the rights of gay and lesbian couples to marry in several states. Additionally, his leadership role in cases that led to a landmark federal court ruling that schools must stop bullying their students was unparalleled.

Achievement and Honors

David Buckel is renowned for his work as a lawyer at Lambda Legal, where he championed marriage equality and the rights of LGBT youth. Additionally, he helped win a lawsuit on behalf of a transgender man who was raped and murdered in Nebraska.

He went on to become an environmentalist, founding the largest compost site in America that uses only renewable energy sources. Additionally, he worked at the Added Value Red Hook Community Farm in Brooklyn.

On Saturday morning in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, he was found dead after setting himself afire to protest fossil fuel use and its environmental destruction. His body had been burnt beyond recognition and police determined it to have been a suicide.

Personal Life

Dave Buckel was an esteemed lawyer who dedicated his career to advocating for the rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals. His involvement in numerous high-profile cases culminated in 2006 with a major victory at the Supreme Court of New Jersey where it was recognized that gay couples have equal legal protections and financial advantages as heterosexual married couples.

He remained involved in litigation until 2008, when he left to become an environmental activist and Senior Organics Recovery Coordinator at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. There he spearheaded an initiative using only renewable energy to compost food waste.

Net Worth

David Buckel is an acclaimed lawyer with an estimated net worth of sixteen million dollars. He’s best known as a Transgender Human Rights and Environment Lawyer.

Buckel has long been an advocate for gay rights and environmental sustainability, fighting to safeguard transgender individuals’ rights while safeguarding against fossil fuel usage and destruction. Additionally, he has supported marriage between same-sex couples and their children, representing Brandon Teena whose family received damages from Nebraska law enforcement for failing to protect him.

In 2000, Buckel became the lead attorney for Teena’s estate – made famous in 1999’s Boys Don’t Cry. This case marked an important victory for LGBT rights and inspired Buckel to found Lambda Legal.

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