David Crussell

David Crussell, Congressional Aides

David Crussell has an illustrious career as a congressional aide, specializing in federal legislation, emergency permits, legislative history and enacting federal programs. Additionally, David provides clients with guidance through complex administrative, political and legal obstacles.

He’s an avid collector of racebikes and proud owner of several Kawasaki race bikes, including the iconic factory H1R from 1978 – one of the last water-cooled H1Rs built during the 1970s.

Early Life and Education

David Crussell was born in 1952 to two parents and four siblings from a rural Michigan town. He attended school there before earning a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University. Later, he relocated to Washington D.C., working as both a music therapist and clerk typist for federal agencies before marrying and starting a family.

He has authored several books on youth and education, such as Danger Signals: The Enemies of Youth and Looking Out on Life. Additionally, he has been quoted in several popular media publications. Moreover, he has earned numerous awards and honors for his achievements in music as well as winning multiple championships in motorcycle racing.

Professional Career

Crussell has an impressive resume, featuring leadership roles at SumTotal Systems and GE Medical. Additionally, he served on the board of directors of WellStreet Urgent Care. His passion for historic racing led him to participate in numerous vintage competitions where he earned several titles as well as setting a record for most championship wins by an American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) rider.

One of his favorite machines is a factory-serial H2R, an engineering marvel when it debuted in 1972. Not only was this bike fun to drive but also serves as a reminder of his many years competing in AHRMA events.

Achievement and Honors

Dave Crussell is an accomplished Executive with a demonstrated record of success in driving transformational change and operational excellence. Prior to joining Four Winds Health, he served as Chief Operating Officer for SumTotal Systems – a leader in providing enterprise software to enable human capital management within large global corporations. Earlier in his career, Dave held Management and Leadership roles at GE Medical Systems and ADAC Laboratories where he developed Diagnostic Imaging Equipment by responding directly to market needs while serving customer demand across sales, marketing, production/operations and supply chain functions.

He is a Fellow of the Geophysical Society and recipient of their Russell Award for his contributions to Limonogeology. Additionally, he has been an active participant in GSA for many years, serving on several committees throughout its existence.

Personal Life

David Crussell is an accomplished executive with deep expertise in finance. He has held several leadership roles at organizations such as SumTotal Systems and ADAC Laboratories, and currently works for FFL where his primary focus lies on supporting portfolio companies with operational and technical initiatives.

David crussell is a professional in addition to his hobbies of sports and the arts. He enjoys riding his ex-Yvon Duhamel factory H2R for many American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) vintage events, as well as road racing with an old Kawasaki triple. When not racing or traveling, David loves reading novels and spending time with family – four grown children included! In his free moments he likes to relax by reading or watching documentaries about aviation history.

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