David Cull

David Cull

David Cull has achieved a great deal, becoming an acclaimed author and television host.

He is a former chairman of the Dunedin District Health Board with an unwavering commitment to environmental causes. He advocates for restoring planetary biodiversity and restricting population growth.

Early Life and Education

David Cull was born in Invercargill, New Zealand and attended Southland Boys’ High School before relocating to Dunedin where he graduated from Otago University.

He began as a television presenter and has written several books about home renovation. Additionally, he served as mayor of Dunedin from 2010 until 2015.

Cull was widely praised for his leadership abilities and wicked sense of humor. He earned a reputation as an affable, patient leader who never hesitated to listen.

He also collaborated with iwi to make the council more open and responsive. Re-elected to council in 2013, he then served as president of Local Government New Zealand from 2017 until 2018, though he stepped down from both roles due to health reasons last year.

Professional Career

David Cull, MD is a vascular surgeon in Greenville, SC and was graduated from Baylor College of Medicine in 1985. He is affiliated with Greenville Memorial Hospital.

He specializes in vascular surgery and accepts Medicare insurance. Additionally, he holds a state license in South Carolina.

In his free time, he enjoyed playing real tennis and served as a great mentor for many players. Additionally, he had an illustrious career as a trainer of racing greyhounds at Wimbledon and was renowned for his beautifully stitched rackets.

He spent many years as a neurosurgeon, traveling extensively for his work. He was especially proud to have assisted in the reconstruction of John Segelov’s skull in Sydney during the mid-1960s. Furthermore, he had an ongoing connection to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the University of NSW.

Achievement and Honors

David Cull was a man of many talents. He starred in multiple movies and narrated several documentaries, such as Ken Burns’ epic The Civil War. Additionally, David served as host for an enjoyable radio series that focused on smaller topics.

He was the author of a widely-acclaimed book on vascular medicine and served as vice president of academic development at Prisma Health’s Health Sciences Center (HSC) as well as its Designated Institutional Official (DIO). A medical doctor by profession, he had an affinity for storytelling and was always on the lookout for new trends in healthcare. As such, he earned himself the title “Doctor of Vascular Medicine.”

He was an animal enthusiast, volunteering his services for many local charities.

Personal Life

David Cull is a renowned former broadcaster and mayor of Dunedin, renowned for his leadership skills and humility.

After graduating from Southland Boys’ High School, he continued on to the University of Otago where his passion for cricket led him to join Lord’s Ground Staff as a groundsperson in 1957.

His early life was spent caring for his family, but he also developed an interest in sports. He played cricket for the local club before realizing that tennis was his true calling.

He was an ardent worker and meticulous craftsman, adhering to the traditional courtesies of tennis. In 1989, several members of MCC paid for him to go on a real tennis tour through America.

Net Worth

David Cull is a New Zealand broadcaster and the 57th Mayor of Dunedin. His estimated net worth is $481 thousand dollars. Additionally, he boasts an extensive network of friends and colleagues in local government and business.

He served on the council from 2010-2013 and expressed support for a controversial waterfront hotel with 28 storeys that would tower over downtown. Unfortunately, this project never materialized. In 2011, he defeated former ACT MP Hilary Calvert and Councillor Lee Vandervis in the mayoral election; he was then re-elected in 2013. As part of his community leadership role with Greater Dunedin Group, Chair of Southern District Health Board, and Local Government New Zealand Board member; all positions have been filled since then by him!

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