David Drent

David Drent – A Loved Son of Gary and Laurel Drent

Gary and Laurel (nee Wilson) Drent’s beloved son David passed away July 9, 2022. He will be missed by his parents, daughter Ava, aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends throughout life.

Drent was appointed Executive Director of the War Memorial Center in 1997 after serving as its Operations Manager and Maintenance Supervisor for nearly four decades. Through his leadership at the center, he has made a lasting impact on veterans’ lives and that of local communities alike.

Early Life and Education

David was raised with a deep sense of belonging to his community. His family has been members of Bet Shalom Synagogue for four generations, witnessing its growth from a small congregation to the vibrant one it is today.

Drent has been an active member of the War Memorial Center since 1997, serving as executive director. Additionally, he reshaped their programs to better meet veterans’ needs.

He became a dedicated swimmer during his school years. He began swimming at a private club, and his first coach called “Mr. Adi” provided him with the necessary guidance and motivation to succeed. He learned to set goals instead of measuring himself against others and channel his competitive spirit during practices.

Professional Career

David Drenthe, better known to friends and coworkers alike as david drent, rose through the youth ranks before making it big in football. As the talk of the locker room and an esteemed member of the Dutch national team, Drenthe won numerous awards along the way including best player in his position for 2006/07. It had been an eventful six years full of ups and downs before Drenthe finally moved on for greener pastures in England’s top flight; however his time there wasn’t without challenges though; a lengthy stint spent living abroad in Russia consumed much of his free time.

Personal Life

David Drent is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. A South African born actor, he has achieved success both in New Zealand and Australia.

He is best known for his role as Daniel Potts on the hit television show Shortland Street. Additionally, he has appeared in a variety of other popular television programs.

He recently retired as executive director of the War Memorial Center (WMC). Throughout his tenure there, he worked to guarantee that veterans would always have access to this center for healing and growth.

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