David Drubner

David Drubner

David Drubner is an American businessman, actor and real estate investor based in Waterbury, CT.

Drubner is a member of the Baupost Group hedge fund with an estimated net worth of $1 million. He has been active in real estate since 1990 and currently serves as partner at Drubner Realty Management Inc.

Early Life and Education

David Rubner was born around 1885 in Russia to Johann Nepomuk Rubner and Barbara Duscher. As a businessperson, he is best remembered for founding Rubner Technology Ventures Ltd.

He served as Chairman of NovelSat Ltd. He is also a director for Check Point Software, Radware, Telemessage International and several private companies. A graduate of Queen Mary College, University of London, he is now a partner at Hyperion Israel Advisors Ltd.

At Munich, he collaborated with Carl Voit on metabolism research. Unsatisfied with a chemical-materialist view of nutrient substances, he investigated their energy values within the body and developed a physicalist view of bioenergetics. Furthermore, he clarified how radiation and evaporation contribute to energy loss from cells.

Professional Career

A series of high-end mergers and acquisitions has drastically changed the investment landscape. David Drubner was fortunate enough to land himself a title as head honcho at one company with an exciting new name and plenty of cash on hand – though he remains skeptical about its new regime. While Drubner still skeptic about it all, it’s nice seeing his name on a paycheck! He oversees many high-net worth clients at his business, while being adept at client meetings. When not at work, Drubner enjoys playing golf; although he won’t be fooled into eating three courses every night, he does enjoy taking breaks for leisure activities like dancing with his wife who loves dance as well.

Achievement and Honors

David Rubner is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Rubner Technology Ventures Ltd., a venture capital firm. Previously, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of ECI Telecommunications Ltd., providing telecom networking infrastructure solutions. In addition, Rubner serves on the boards of directors for Hyperion Israel Advisors Ltd. and Elbit Imaging Ltd. He boasts extensive expertise in this field and is widely-renowned for his hard work; regularly featured at seminars and lectures around the world as an esteemed Chambers Europe 2020 speaker.

David Rubner was born in Munich and earned his medical degree from the University of Munich in 1878. For the next ten years he lived and published extensively in Berlin, publishing numerous important works on physiology and nutrition. In 1890 he was elected to the scientific academies of Munich, Vienna, Oslo Washington D.C. Stockholm and Uppsala.

Personal Life

David Drumbner has an expansive circle of friends and associates who are all connected to him in some way or another. This includes close family members who have supported him throughout his career, as well as numerous contacts he’s made over 17 years in the industry. David has no regrets about leaving ESPN but plans on maintaining contact with those he met during that time; rather, he hopes to use those connections to attract potential clients looking for advice from someone with firsthand knowledge about the industry.

David Drubner currently resides in Miami Beach FL, having lived there for 15 years. Before that he had resided in Barrington NH, Sheldon SC and Medford MA.

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