David Fritch

David Fritch

David fritch is a retired professional hockey player with an estimated net worth of $4 million.

David currently resides with his wife Jill Wagner.

He boasts an amazing physique with brown hair and hazel eyes, standing at an impressive 1.8 meters tall and weighing 194 pounds or 88kgs.

Early Life and Education

Froebel was a pioneer of early childhood education and his ideas remain relevant today. His philosophy emphasizes the value of providing children with opportunities to learn at their own pace, which continues to guide us today.

Erikson was a pioneering figure in early education and helped educators and parents alike better comprehend how people, particularly children, develop identities throughout various life stages. Through his theories, educators could better guide their children as they make their way through school.

David was a loving husband and father, loyal worker, friend, Canadian Armed Forces veteran and an inspirational light in this world. He will be sorely missed by many; survived by his wife Diane and three children.

Professional Career

David fritch achieved great success as a finance executive in corporate finance. His ability to reach the executive level of business allowed him to build an enjoyable lifestyle alongside his professional pursuits.

However, as he continued to focus on his work, he began to feel that he was neglecting other parts of himself. His health and relationships started to suffer and it felt like he was depriving himself of what truly mattered most to him.

So, David made the decision to change direction and leave his finance career behind to pursue something more meaningful. This led him to launch his leadership podcast and teach people how to lead their lives effectively. It was an enormous learning experience and David is still thankful for that time.

Achievements and Honors

David fritch was a beloved figure in his community, possessing hundreds of friends and mentors both personally and professionally. Additionally, he had achieved great success as an entrepreneur with an expanding business venture in music production.

He was an ordained minister in the Pentecostal Holiness Church. His passion for music and ministry extended across various styles and genres; however, one of his proudest achievements was being an early pioneer and co-founder of Heart 2 Heart – a popular Christian rock band.

He was an enthusiastic outdoorsman and fly fishing expert. Additionally, he was involved with several organizations and proud to be part of the military community. Throughout his life he received many awards and honors.

Personal Life

David fritch has always kept a low public profile in his personal life. He rarely posts to social media platforms and has only a few followers.

He has an estimated net worth of $4 Million, earned through his professional career. Furthermore, he owns an online business selling concert tickets and branded merchandise.

He was born on March 8, 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to Polish and Canadian heritage.

Net Worth

David fritch boasts a net worth of $3 million. He was previously an MLB player who now works as a real estate agent.

He is married with two daughters and has been linked to 24-year-old Shannon St. Clair.

Despite being almost two decades older than her, he has managed to keep their relationship low key. They have been seen together at Miami nightclubs, but neither party has officially confirmed their connection.

He joined the army to obtain American citizenship, opening up a world of possibilities for him. Additionally, it allowed him to fulfill his desire of becoming an FBI agent while earning some decent income through coaching hockey.

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