David Galler

David Galler – A New York Dentist Who Transforms Smiles With Clear Aligners

David Galler has been providing beautiful smiles with clear aligners for over a decade, and is known for his innovative techniques in the field such as his Galler Spacing Technique (GST) for interproximal reduction. As an Invisalign faculty member, his work has seen thousands of patients achieve amazing results!

Galler is a frequent speaker at study clubs, webinars, national and regional events for practitioners interested in aligner therapy. He personally leads Reingage, an international network of nearly one thousand dentists that offers education on this topic.

Early Life and Education

Dr David Galler is a New Zealand doctor and intensive care specialist. He has been employed at Middlemore Hospital for 25 years, during which time he’s seen first-hand the impact of government healthcare policy changes.

He has written a book called Things That Matter, which tells the stories of people who have passed away or come close to passing away. Additionally, it makes an impassioned plea for changes in New Zealand’s healthcare system.

He is a well-known celebrity with an expansive fan base. He has achieved this success through the application of certain key principles. Additionally, he possesses a good heart and has contributed significantly towards improving society.

Professional Career

David Galler is a Long Island native who has achieved national recognition for his Galler Spacing Technique (GST), which is used by nearly 5,000 North American dentists and will become part of textbooks for years to come. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania College of Dentistry and member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Society, he completed a general practice residency at Brooklyn Veterans’ Administration Hospital before splitting his time between Manhattan and Long Island.

As Senior Vice President for Orthodontic Services at Aspen Dental Management Inc., he is accountable for expanding Invisalign(r) across 700 Aspen Dental offices nationwide. With more than two decades of clinical and administrative expertise within the industry, he brings an expert level of knowledge to bear on this project.

Achievements and Honors

David Galler is a Long Island native renowned for his revolutionary Galler Spacing Technique, which has gained national recognition. This groundbreaking method is currently used by over 5,000 North American dentists and will likely remain part of dentistry textbooks for years to come.

He serves as President of the American Academy of Clear Aligners and has seen it double in size and prestige during his tenure. Through Invisalign(r) study clubs and online orthodontic courses, he has trained, educated, and mentored thousands of dental professionals on using this revolutionary technology.

Dr Galler is the author of Things That Matter: A Middlemore Hospital Intensive Care Specialist’s Guide to Life and Death, a book which delves into the many complexities and difficulties doctors and patients encounter. It’s an engaging read for anyone wanting to gain more insight into medicine’s inner workings – particularly those seeking greater comprehension on how it operates.

Personal Life

David Galler is a New York-based dentist whose passion for improving people’s lives through dentistry has resulted in the transformation of thousands of smiles. Additionally, he founded an inspiring national network of like-minded dentists to further this cause.

He has trained more than 3,000 doctors on his Galler Spacing Technique and is considered one of the top Invisalign dentists in America. Additionally, he serves as President of the American Academy of Clear Aligners and is a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Society.

He also penned the best-selling memoir Things That Matter: Stories of Life and Death, written with the intention of inspiring patients to become more involved in their healthcare and providing doctors with better insights on how best to treat their patients. This straightforward, generous book was written with the hope that it would encourage people to become more compassionate caregivers themselves, thus leading them to greater understanding of how best to provide for them.

Net Worth

Dr David Galler is a dentist who has earned several accolades throughout his career. Additionally, his profession has brought him considerable financial success which has cemented his place of fame around the world.

He began his life with much struggle, but ultimately made the right choice and worked hard to reach where he is today. Through hard work and success, he has amassed considerable wealth, becoming one of the wealthiest celebrities worldwide.

His net worth has reached millions of dollars, and his revenues are rising daily. As one of the most popular celebrities worldwide, it’s expected that his wealth will only keep increasing over time. Furthermore, he’s renowned for his good character and inspiring story.

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