David Godshalk

David Godshalk

David Fort Godshalk is an esteemed urban planner renowned for his contributions to climate resiliency and risk management. Additionally, his work with planners and students has been highly praised.

Godshalk’s Veiled Visions explores the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot and its lasting effect on race relations in America. He illustrates how memories of that event continue to shape social and political life for decades into the future.

Early Life and Education

In 1906, racial tension and violence in Atlanta led to armed white mobs entering black neighborhoods. In the wake of this event, civic leaders in Atlanta devised a response which forever altered race relations both within the South and across America for decades to come.

Godshalk contends that while the Atlanta Plan prevented further violence, it came at a cost for later generations of African Americans. In his comprehensive analysis of both its inception and aftermath, Godshalk delves deep into the struggles and priorities of its protagonists.

Veiled Visions, a familiar tale, begins with the riot itself and then delves into civil rights activism in the years that followed. But Godshalk never becomes too simplistic or rote in his account of events. It’s an insightful read that offers valuable insight into the complexity and limits of social change.

Professional Career

David Godschalk, a horticulturist and landscape architect with an eye for the imaginative, is co-founder of Terremoto – a firm that creates unique localized landscapes that appeal to both aesthetics and conceptual curiosity.

In this edition of the Journal of the American Planning Association, authors Philip Burke and Daniel Rodriguez explore Godschalk’s career as a planner, designer, educator and mentor. They recognize his significant impact on urban governance through an impressive list of APA awards and accolades.

He pioneered climate resiliency and risk management, earning him an APA Lifetime Service Award for his pioneering work. Fortunately, he still plans on leading the way forward in years ahead.

Achievement and Honors

Godshalk was an accomplished planner in all respects; a scholar, philanthropist and mentor. His taste in art was also well-honed; he earned recognition from his university as its most decorated professor of urban and regional planning (aka The Big U). Additionally, peers recognized his scholarship contributions as well as public service in family planning fields. One of his many legacies is the David Godshalk Endowment for Excellence in Teaching & Research which supports faculty development initiatives.

Personal Life

David Godshalk was a loving husband and father who enjoyed many outdoor activities such as tennis, golf, body surfing at the beach, camping and billiards. In his personal life he also dedicated himself to his family by being an incredible husband and father.

He had a passion for food and enjoyed cooking for his family. Plus, his smile and infectious laugh could brighten any room!

Net Worth

David Godshalk is an investment consultant with an estimated net worth of at least $26 Million. He works at Godshalk Welsh Capital Management, a boutique financial services firm that caters to high-net-worth individuals.

The firm provides discretionary investment management and financial planning. Additionally, it serves closely held businesses, pensions, profit-sharing plans, charitable organizations and more.

David Godshalk was born on January 15th 1809 in his birthplace of Pennsylvania to Jacob Hunsicker Godshalk and Barbara Clemens Godshalk (nee Ziegler). He had 8 siblings.

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