David Goldwater

David Goldwater

David Goldwater was a well-known conservative who championed individual rights and opposed communism. While his views were controversial, his admirers still remember him fondly in both his home state of Arizona as well as across America.

He served as senator for Arizona from 1958 to 1964 and then ran for president in 1964; winning the popular vote but losing out in the electoral college with only six states carried.

Early Life and Education

Goldwater was born in Phoenix, Arizona during the state’s territorial period (1909-1912). He attended a military academy before joining the Air Force and flying missions to India and China. Later he served in the Senate where he advocated for limited federal government and national defense spending.

His book The Conscience of a Conservative cemented his place as one of the leading voices in modern conservatism. He advocated that government should be limited, welfare should remain private, and farm subsidies were unconstitutional.

Goldwater won the 1964 Republican nomination for president, but lost to Lyndon Johnson. He secured five states in the Deep South – traditionally Democratic strongholds – but lost nationwide.

Professional Career

Goldwater was an entrepreneur who built a successful company in Phoenix. His management style included offering employees health benefits and organizing a flying club. Furthermore, Goldwater won election to the city council of Phoenix.

Goldwater had successfully mobilized a large conservative base to win the Republican nomination. Unfortunately, his campaign ended prematurely and he lost by an enormous margin to Democratic candidate Lyndon B. Johnson.

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Achievement and Honors

David Goldwater is renowned for his contributions to conservative politics, particularly in the areas of labor and anti-communism. His 1960 book The Conscience of a Conservative remains an essential reference text for today’s conservatives.

He spearheaded the movement to end farm subsidies, believing they were detrimental to American families’ economic well-being. Furthermore, he advocated for an enhanced national defense strategy.

Goldwater received numerous honors throughout his career. He was elected to the Senate and had a significant impact on both political parties.

In addition to his service in the Senate, he was an acclaimed author and lecturer, as well as making significant contributions to science and engineering. He is credited with developing computer software that performs difficult analytical calculations in differential geometry and general relativity faster and more accurately than by hand.

Personal Life

Goldwater enjoyed a successful business career, owning the largest department store in Phoenix. His conservative political beliefs were informed by his opposition to New Deal programs and government bureaucracy.

Goldwater joined the Army Air Force when World War II broke out, becoming a pilot and flying hazardous resupply missions to war zones in Asia, India and China.

After the war, Goldwater served on Phoenix City Council and then won election to the Arizona Senate in 1952, unseating veteran Democrat and Senate Majority Leader Ernest McFarland.

Goldwater ran for president in 1964 and rallied a significant conservative base. He spoke out against welfare and farm subsidies, while voting against the Civil Rights Act.

Net Worth

Goldwater was a conservative politician who served in the United States Senate. He is renowned for his fierce anti-communism views and hawkish military strategies.

He was an influential member of the Republican Party and served on both the Senate Intelligence Committee and Armed Services Committee.

Senator Goldwater earned an annual salary of $22,500 and received dividends and other securities income. Additionally, he owned stock in several companies such as Associated Dry Goods, Arizona Bancorporation and Borg Warner Corporation.

Records at Valley National Bank in Phoenix show that Goldwater and his wife Margaret are worth approximately $1.7 million. Most of this wealth belongs to Mrs. Goldwater, who inherited a fortune from her father. She also owns a house in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

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