David Goldwyn

David Goldwyn

David Goldwyn is a highly-regarded global thought leader, educator and policy innovator in energy security and extractive industry transparency. He founded and serves as president of Goldwyn Global Strategies LLC – an international strategic energy consulting firm.

Goldwyn served as Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs from 2009-2011. Prior to that, he had served as Assistant Secretary of Energy for International Affairs (1999-2001) and National Security Adviser to U.S. Ambassador Bill Richardson (1997-98).

Early Life and Education

David Goldwyn was born in Los Angeles, California to actress Jennifer Howard and film producer Samuel Goldwyn Jr. As part of a creative family background, David is widely credited with ushering in an era of Hollywood style films that would go on to win numerous awards.

His education was truly global, as he attended Hamilton College in Clinton, New York; Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in London. Throughout his career, he has been honored with several awards and accolades such as being named official emeritus of Hollywood by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences; additionally receiving an honorary doctorate from Harvard. Additionally, his roles as Colonel Bagley on The Last Samurai and President Fitzgerald Grant III on ABC’s Scandal earned him a place in movie history for their roles on ABC’s Scandal garnered him recognition among fans worldwide.

Professional Career

David Goldwyn was a former US State Department special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs. As senior advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, he created and launched both the Global Shale Gas Initiative and Energy Governance and Capacity Initiative as well as ministerial-level energy dialogues across developing world nations.

Prior to his employment with the State Department, he worked for an energy consulting firm funded largely by American oil companies (Chevron, ExxonMobil and Marathon), looking to do business in countries with resource-rich dictatorships like Libya or Turkmenistan. Furthermore, Canadian oil companies developed “talking points” designed to promote tar sands development.

Achievements and Honors

David Goldwyn had a prolific film career, producing numerous successful films that earned him Best Picture Oscar nominations such as Arrowsmith (1931), Dodsworth (1936), Dead End (1937), Wuthering Heights (1939) and The Little Foxes (1941). In 1946 his drama The Best Years of Our Lives won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

In 1959, Goldwyn produced Porgy and Bess, a film adaptation of George Gershwin’s opera. Starring African-American actors Sidney Poitier, Dorothy Dandridge and Sammy Davis Jr., it won three Academy Awards including one for best picture.

Personal Life

David Goldwyn is a renowned global leader in energy policy and extractive industry transparency, serving as president of Goldwyn Global Strategies LLC and as the United States State Department’s special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs. Additionally, he is an acclaimed author, educator and commentator on oil & gas issues.

On August 27th 1884, Samuel Goldfisch was born in Warsaw, Poland and immigrated to the US. He first worked as an apprentice glovemaker at Gloversville, New York before becoming a salesman for leather gloves.

In 1912, he joined Jesse L. Lasky to form the Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company with Jesse L. Lasky; however, when this partnership failed he formed Goldwyn Pictures with brothers Edgar Selwyn and Archibald Selwyn in September 2016, signing Mabel Normand – then considered to be the most famous comedienne in silent film – as his star player.

Net Worth

Goldwyn is an accomplished actor and voice-over artist best known for his roles as Carl Bruner in Ghost and Colonel Bagley in The Last Samurai. Additionally, he has appeared on a variety of television shows.

According to reliable sources, his net worth as of 2016 was $4 million. Unfortunately, the exact figure of his salary remains unknown.

He has been married to production designer Jane Michelle Musky since 1987, and together they have two daughters, Anna Musky-Goldwyn and Tess Frances Goldwyn.

In addition to his acting, he is also a director and has directed several episodes of Scandal. Additionally, he has made appearances in other popular TV shows like Designing Women and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Through his work as both an actor and director, he has earned an impressive amount of money.

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