David Goodwick

David Goodwick – Musician, Businessman and Friend to Animals

David Goodwick is a man with an eclectic musical taste; he’s played trumpet and guitar for companies such as Coca-Cola, written jingles, commercials and sound beds for them, and collaborated on concerts featuring performers like comedian George Carlin.

David and his wife Christie reside in Aiken, SC. He has a deep-seated passion for animals and spent his later years playing music, fishing from his boat, and rescuing animals.

Early Life and Education

David Goodwick was born in Beloit, Wisconsin to parents Jim and Helen Goodwick. Raised with music as a constant in their home, David developed an aptitude for instruments like trumpets and guitars at an early age – eventually going on to pursue professional musicianship.

He studied political science and journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater before founding a business-to-business marketing company.

He has received numerous awards and recognition for his work in the field, serving on the boards of both American Marketing Association and National Sales Executives Society. Additionally, he has contributed significantly to several nonprofit organizations.

Professional Career

David has an impressive and varied music industry background, encompassing multiple genres and styles. With over three decades of experience under his belt, he’s had the chance to work with many major names in the business. Now based out of Aiken, SC where he runs an eccentric pharmacy club (no joke!), david continues his passion for cannabis cultivation.

One of the most remarkable achievements has been the establishment and operation of a non-profit company to support families in need, providing an invaluable resource to community members who require it most. Over six months, volunteers have fed more than 300 local families while equipping them with essential tools to survive and thrive.

Achievement and Honors

David Goodwick is not only an accomplished flautist but he’s also quite successful in business. As founder and owner of YVE – one of the UK’s premier music and entertainment companies – David has created some spectacular events that have won multiple awards for quality products, services and customer service over time. It is no wonder then that they have achieved such success!

Personal Life

David Goodwick was an incredibly kind and thoughtful man. He was a loving husband and father, an accomplished musician, as well as an advocate for animals.

In 2008, David moved to Aiken, South Carolina with his wife Christie and became an enthusiastic supporter of local charities and causes. Additionally, he enjoyed fishing from his boat and rescuing animals in need.

He had a deep-seated passion for music, and played in several bands. His band The Hilley Brothers featured fellow musicians Mike Brigham on drums and vocals, Jerry “Jero” Earnest on guitar, Jim Hampton on piano and keyboards, and Doug McGuire on pedal steel guitar, bass, vocals and banjo.

Net Worth

David Goodwick, born in Beloit, Wisconsin, was a selfless and generous man who always took time to help others succeed. As the marketing executive and founder of Leverage Marketing – an enterprise focused on using customers’ data for sales growth – he also had his hands full with rescue dogs and cats at home. After moving to Aiken, South Carolina with his wife Christie in 2008, David spent his final years playing bass guitar and fishing from his boat. Survived by his wife, children, and sister; his family is deeply saddened by his passing but will miss him forever.

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