David Hornbrook, DDS

David Hornbrook, DDS

David Hornbrook, DDS is one of the dental industry’s most renowned figures and an accomplished clinician and pioneer in live-patient hands-on clinical education. He founded Pac-live and The Hornbrook Group and currently serves as Director of Education & Technology at Utah Valley Dental Lab.

Early Life and Education

David Hornbrook, DDS is a practicing dentist by profession and has been in the cosmetic dentistry field for 33 years. With extensive knowledge and expertise in this area, David has earned himself membership in both the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and been recognized for his achievements within the industry. One of his latest accomplishments is a brand-new dental laboratory that utilizes some of today’s most cutting-edge technologies. Most importantly, he’s an affable man who takes his patients seriously. He is also a philanthropist, having generously donated to numerous charitable organizations such as the American Cancer Society. Among his most noteworthy accomplishments in practice are his dedication to patient education and strong commitment to patient safety. He has received numerous awards for his work and continues to astonish patients with his unwavering professionalism and commitment.

Professional Career

David Hornbrook DDS is one of the world’s most renowned figures in cosmetic dentistry. As founder and past director of Pac-live and The Hornbrook Group, he set an example for live patient, hands-on clinical education.

He has lectured internationally on all aspects of aesthetic and restorative dentistry, is an avid researcher and materials enthusiast, and consults with numerous manufacturers on product development and refinement. A member of both the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and Pacific Aesthetic Continuum, he also serves on editorial boards for several professional journals.

Achievement and Honors

David Hornbrook has been in private practice for 33 years and is a pioneer of live-patient esthetic dental treatment programs such as LVI, PAClive, The Hornbrook Group and Clinical Mastery. Additionally he lectures internationally on all aspects of aesthetic dentistry such as porcelain veneers, implants, dental materials, occlusion and direct composites.

He is an accomplished clinician, product researcher, and mentor who inspires his meeting participants to realize they too possess the capacity for practicing aesthetic dentistry at its highest level. Over his career he has trained and mentored thousands of dentists towards excellence in dentistry; he is proud to be one of only 62 dentists worldwide who has achieved fellowship status from the prestigious American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Personal Life

David Hornbrook is a true dental industry icon, having served as educator, mentor and legend. He’s an innovator in live-patient, hands-on clinical education as well as an avid researcher and materials enthusiast. Beyond all that, David is also a devoted family man and father to his three children. When not at the office, you’ll often see him surfing or snowboarding, biking across deserts or traveling with his wife and two sons.

David Hornbrook has made it a priority to pursue continuous education throughout his career. He holds a Fellowship with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is an active participant in the International Association for Dental Research, known for his meticulous attention to detail as well as his warm and engaging teaching style.

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