David Kaercher

David Kaercher, CIO of the State of Missouri

David Kaercher has over three decades of experience working in the financial industry. Specializing in both domestic and international planning, David provides clients with assistance in meeting their financial goals while maintaining security.

Since 2010, he has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. Prior to that he held the title of Vice President of Technology Operations at PNC Bank.

Early Life and Education

David Kaercher hails from Central Pennsylvania. He earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business and political science from Moravian College and The George Washington University respectively.

He brings over three decades of progressive leadership and technology experience from financial services, retail, and healthcare environments. Prior to joining CareFirst, he served as Chief Information Officer at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City.

David Kaercher was a determined, energetic and aggressive individual who sought success through hard work. He established both the Traverse County Times and later, Big Stone County Journal newspapers; currently living in Ortonville Minnesota he supported both independent thinkers as well as Republicans parties during his lifetime; joining both Knights of Pythias and I.O.O.F for example.

Professional Career

Modern healthcare is a complex and fast-moving beast. As well as managing numerous regulatory changes, insurers must also offer consumers the best customer experience while striking a balance between cost and quality of care. One way this can be accomplished using information technology and creative thinking is with david kaercher’s over three decades of progressive leadership and technology experience; his most recent role as CIO of Missouri allows him to use that experience towards driving technological and operational excellence.

Achievement and Honors

David Kaercher serves as Chief Information Officer of CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and oversees its information technology, cybersecurity, project management, enterprise architecture, business process management, real estate operations and real estate operations across all locations of CareFirst. A true business-driven CIO with extensive knowledge of healthcare ecosystem and an ability to rapidly deploy IT to address business problems while innovating solutions for today’s most daunting challenges, David provides effective leadership.

Students received honors, awards and prizes in history, science, computer science, music and management studies. Graduating from Allentown were Gregory C. Bauer, Gerald James Clapp, Lois Antoinette Dallazanna, Donna Dalmaso, Linda Maria Delbalso Pamela J Faurl Karen E Malkames Elizabeth J Plarr; from Bethlehem Daniel Gerlach Lori A Weaver Lori Lynne H Bermudez Pamela J Faurl Karen E Malkames Elizabeth J Plarr while Francine M Botek and Cheryl A Druckenmiller attended.

Personal Life

David Kaercher is an iconic name in business. With extensive experience leading businesses within financial services and retail sectors, his legacy speaks for itself.

He is widely recognized for his technological knowledge. Currently he serves as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for CareFirst BCBS in Washington, DC.

He is an innovative business-driven CIO who possesses an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem, its business models, and potential opportunities. His understanding of digital healthcare has set the organization up for a future where technology plays an integral part. Furthermore, he understands the power of data analytics in driving value for patients as well as companies alike; previously holding IT leadership roles within banking and insurance.

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