David Leaverton

David Leaverton on Politics and Family

David Leaverton was raised in Midland and earned a spot on the University of Tennessee’s 1998 National Championship team as both a punter and defensive lineman.

In 2016, Leaverton woke up feeling uneasy about the current state of our country, so he sold his home and loaded up his three children into an RV and set off on an epic journey across America.

Early Life and Education

David Leaverton was raised in a family of wealth and power, yet he felt uneasy about the way government was being run. After working in politics for many years, David decided to return to the private sector and start a family.

One year ago, he and his three children loaded into an RV and set out on an epic journey to discover why America was so divided. Along the way, they visited 31 states for a documentary called The Reunited States which chronicles their journey.

He and his wife, Erin, have become acutely aware of racial and socioeconomic inequality while visiting many places they visited. It also forced them to examine their own relationship with others; one particularly poignant moment occurred when their five-year-old daughter asked what lynching was after witnessing it in Little Rock.

Professional Career

David Leaverton has been in the football business for years. A graduate school educated athlete from Tennessee and Michigan, it was only a matter of time before he found success on the gridiron. Over the past decade he’s worn many uniforms as assistant head coach at both Tennessee and Miami before departing as high-ranking snob to take over as head coach in NYC. Even today he manages to strike a balance between work/life while spending quality time with his wife and young son – an act that never gets old to him…and always includes a glass of wine ready!

Achievements and Honors

David is one of UT’s premier football players and an impressive scholar. He’s earned a spot on the SEC Academic Honor Roll, boasting a 3.92 GPA throughout his career. Additionally, David was one of three finalists for the Ray Guy Award – an incredible accomplishment in itself!

He is a proud University of Tennessee alumni and has achieved many notable accomplishments both on and off the football field, including being named a consensus All-American for two seasons consecutive. Additionally, Leaverton was part of Tennessee Volunteers’ 1998 National Championship team and earned multiple awards in both coaching and playing halls of fame during his career.

He currently serves as Senior Vice President at SCORE, leading their advocacy, outreach and communications initiatives to further their mission of improving people’s lives through work.

Personal Life

After graduating high school, David Leaverton continued on with his football scholarship at the University of Tennessee and became the starting punter for their 1998 National Championship team.

After college, he pursued a career in politics for six years but ultimately left because he felt that his relationship with it had become unhealthy.

He is married to Erin Elizabeth Townsend and they have three children. Recently, the couple sold their Texas home and are embarking on a year-long road trip across all 50 states.

They have traveled to 31 states and encountered people from all backgrounds. Through this experience, they have gained a profound insight into America while also forcing them to reevaluate their relationships with each other and all Americans.

Net Worth

David Leaverton, a punter for the University of Tennessee’s 1998 National Championship Volunteers and veteran athlete with strong connections in politics, transitioned into the private sector to raise his family. Before departing to pursue other opportunities in life, he worked on several campaigns with great success. As the 2016 presidential campaign got underway, Leaverton felt uneasy. He didn’t like how people seemed to be coming together around common concerns regarding politics and society. In an effort to address this problem, he and his wife sold their home in Texas and embarked on a yearlong journey around America. It’s been difficult, but one that’s allowed him to witness firsthand how people’s lives are affected. While he doesn’t plan to enter politics again, he wants to educate Americans about how they can better care for their nation.

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