David Mannis

David Mannis

David Mannis is well known in Stamford for his advocacy on behalf of student rights. Previously he served as president and was prominent voice for students who took part in walkouts after school shootings in Florida.

Early Life and Education

David Mannis hails from DeWitt, Arkansas. A graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School, he currently sits as a board member for Cigna Corporation. Married for over 20 years to Nancy Linda Klein he has two children of his own.

Robert Kesselman has served on the Stamford Board of Finance for two and a half years as a Democrat, serving as president for part of his term and trustee of Stamford Downtown Special Services District and director for Connecticut Center for Children’s Advocacy in addition to being on its board. Chair Richard Freedman announced Thursday that Kesselman plans on stepping down effective August, as announced by Richard Freedman in his announcement Thursday. Kesselman plans on leaving August 1.

Professional Career

David Mannis is an attorney specializing in government affairs from New York City. Additionally, he has co-authored over thirty books – four New York Times bestsellers and five national bestsellers among them!

In September 2018 by chair Richard Freedman, Mannis was appointed to the Stamford Downtown Special Services District Board of Finance by chair Richard Freedman to replace fellow Democrat David Kooris who had resigned in June. He will finish out Kooris’ term that ends in 2023. Mannis is married to Nancy Linda Klein; together they have two children and plan on relocating to Europe shortly. During his term on the Board of Finance he served as its president for part of 2018; also being an active member in National Association of School Boards membership and National School Board Association membership.

Achievement and Honors

As an avid science enthusiast, David Mannis of UC Davis Ocular Ornithologist had a vast collection of awards and honors under his name. Additionally, his many honors and awards stood out, particularly the nebulous award which he held so tenaciously onto. Of all his accolades and honors won, perhaps none stood out more than his unwavering dedication to his alma mater; additionally he lived a full and fulfilling family life, opting out of corporate leisure life in favor of more intimate and fulfilling family time with family time instead.

Personal Life

Mannis enjoyed an active personal life that included family, friendships and travel. She was an advocate for community activism and public service work in Shenandoah Valley; when not travelling she often spent time there at her family cabin.

Photographically, she explores themes of racial inequality and social justice. Often drawing inspiration from literature or poetry for her photography work.

Her series Battlefields was taken over three years at major American Civil War battlefields. Instead of depicting these landscapes as picturesque or pastoral, she sought to conjure up images that depicted violence fought over them.

She photographed her husband Larry as he underwent surgeries for muscular dystrophy. She called these photographs Proud Flesh after horse’s skin that forms over wounds that form scar tissue over time.

Net Worth

David Mann is an award-winning stage actor, gospel singer, and stand up comedian who has appeared in many movies and television series.

His estimated net worth is an estimated $6 Million. He has worked in the entertainment industry for more than two decades.

Tamela Mann is a Grammy Award-winning recording artist and veteran actress, together they own Tillymann Entertainment and have two reality shows chronicling their relationship and family life: It’s a Mann’s World and The Manns.

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