David Marcilhacy

David Marcilhacy

Early Life and Education

david marcilhacy grew up in Meknes, France. There he attended primary and Lycee Poeymireau schools before moving to Paris for secondary education.

At Sorbonne he earned a degree in history. Later he was elected a French politician and served as mayor of Mantes-la-Jolie from 1947 until 1977 and deputy for Seine-et-Oise between 1946 and 1962.

As an expert on early literacy, he has contributed to fundamental research on language acquisition while creating playful approaches that enable children to pick up new words more quickly. Furthermore, he is the author or co-editor of multiple articles and chapters as well as six books published under his stewardship, two of which focus on early literacy specifically.

Professional Career

David is an experienced professional with expertise in communications, marketing and fundraising. His firm, iPhil Group is one of the premier major gift consultancies in France and North America with clients ranging from international humanitarian organizations to higher education and cultural institutions.

He is an engaging speaker who has the power to move crowds to action through entertaining and informative presentations, career coaching services to identify individual strengths and leverage them, providing clients with tools for moving in the right direction, as well as developing an impressive client list with satisfied clients. Working with him doesn’t cost exorbitant fees – his workshops and seminars offer great value and produce results.

Achievement and Honors

David Marcilhacy has received many honors over his lifetime. He was recognized for his contributions to Cedar Hill and its surrounding community through service on both Economic Development Corporation and Chamber of Commerce boards and was also honored with a Distinctive Character Lifetime Achievement Award, given out annually for individuals who make a positive difference through leadership, cooperation, teamwork, or innovation in communities they are working in. One of David’s notable accomplishments included serving as CEO of iPhilGroup (a major gift consulting firm based out of Paris that works with some of higher education institutions and humanitarian organizations worldwide).

Personal Life

David Marcilhacy is an accomplished fundraising professional, with an excellent track record in the Third Sector. Over his five year tenure he has worked with various charities, providing trust and grant fundraising, database management services, strategic campaign planning, as well as genuine help for organizations reaching their goals. He brings with him an excellent understanding of non-profit communities with genuine desire to help organizations realize their ambitions.

He is the CEO of iPhilGroup, a major gift consultancy serving clients throughout France, Belgium, Switzerland and Francophone Africa. His firm has collaborated with many prestigious organizations like Sorbonne University, Ecole Centrale Paris, HEC Business School and Pasteur Institute. Furthermore, he holds a law degree from Universite de Paris.

Net Worth

David Marcilhacy has amassed millions of subscribers to YouTube and vlogging channels through his videos, featuring witty and often hilarious commentary on various topics. Beyond YouTube, he’s made himself well-known by serving as a judge on Nickelodeon show America’s Most Musical Family as well as various other TV shows; additionally running an estimated one-million dollar per year merch shop; creating apps like David’s Disposable which allows users to take pictures that resemble old disposable cameras; consulting businesses which help charities with major gift campaigns; finally consulting businesses which assist charities in major gift campaigns.

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