David Mylvaganam

David Mylvaganam

David Mylvaganam has amassed over 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube thanks to his funny parodies and comedic vlogs that will surely make you laugh!

David is renowned for his spiritual insights. As a teacher of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), an non-duality teaching that encourages us to trust in the Source of Love, David encourages us to live from our hearts.

Early Life and Education

David Mylvaganam was born in Montreal to Sri Lankan and Jamaican parents. He received his education both cities; his primary school years were spent in Montreal while high school was completed at York University in Toronto.

Dora Reddick, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his younger son, testified to a troubled but loving relationship with Mylvaganam that ended in the summer of 2010. She believed their problems stemmed from his immaturity and her incapacity to remain faithful.

Bawden made his final submission, asserting that the evidence against Mylvaganam raises reasonable doubt as to his knowledge of an impending murder on November 8th and that Carty used Mylvaganam’s phone during crucial periods. It is inconceivable that Mylvaganam would allow Carty to use his phone for planning a crime and incriminating himself, according to Bawden’s assessment.

Professional Career

David Mylvaganam is best remembered for founding the software company Stats Perform and developing Prozone software package, an innovative system which allowed coaches to assess their players’ progress more accurately.

Football underwent a revolutionary change that had taken some time for the sport to fully appreciate, yet Mylvaganam would not claim that he created it all.

He recalls being the first person to use technology in a football game as an exciting milestone for himself and Derby County. But he also emphasizes that this breakthrough took time; it took five years to develop.

Achievements and Honors

David Mylvaganam experienced many achievements during his time at the University, including winning a Scovill Prize – awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, leadership qualities, service to their community and scholarship within one category.

Furthermore, George Mason University in Northern Virginia honored him with an honorary degree and several other awards in recognition of his accomplishments. Additionally, he served as executive director for safety and emergency management there.

Recently, the university held an Honors Convocation to recognize outstanding students and faculty members for their exceptional academic performance and accomplishment in various areas. The most coveted award, the Scovill Prize, is decided upon by a large group of student leaders within that discipline.

Personal Life

David Mylvaganam is a married man with two sons, living in Markham, Ontario.

He is a musician and rapper who enjoys singing. Additionally, he enjoys crafting songs to perform live in front of an audience.

Angela, Mylvaganam’s mother, has always praised his musical ability. She said he began singing when he was five years old.

The Crown asserted that Mylvaganam was trying to impress his older friend Eric Carty, whom he affectionately addressed as “pops.”

Rumble revealed phone records revealing Jennifer Pan’s iPhone received a call from Andre Deterville. Additionally, there are text messages sent by Mylvaganam and contacts made with Carty’s girlfriends on this device.

Net Worth

David Mylvaganam’s net worth is estimated to be around $300,000. He founded Prozone, a company that analyzes football data.

Peter Bawden, Mylvaganam’s lawyer, maintained that his client wasn’t involved in the murder at 238 Helen Ave. Rather, Carty used Mylvaganam’s phone as his own “secret murder phone” to make incriminating calls and plot the assassination.

At trial, Bawden noted that Mylvaganam had never previously spoken to Hana Omar, Andre Deterville or Rochelle Grant. Yet on November 8, 2010, his phone was constantly connected to these three people – starting at 9:01pm from Rexdale, Ontario’s suburb. From there they moved east toward Markham before turning south again.

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