David Perrine

David Perrine

David Perrine is an attorney with extensive expertise in handling insurance industry cases. He boasts an impressive record of success at trial.

He specializes in representing clients involved in auto accidents, slip and fall cases, general liability cases, construction defect claims and other types of cases.

Early Life and Education

David Perrine was born on November 18, 1828 in Miamisburg, Ohio to Boswell Merrick and Hannah Davis.

He received his education at South Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana before going on to become a professor at Southern Methodist University.

As a scientist, he joined four eclipse expeditions and spoke at the International Congress of Sciences (1904). Additionally, his discoveries were highly praised.

Perrine opposed the continued killing of birds for private or museum collections, believing that enough habitat should be reserved so birds could breed successfully in the wild. She resigned her membership of the Ornithological Society of New Zealand in 1942 due to their conflicting objectives. As an avid bird enthusiast, Perrine kept a pet macaw named Miss Micawber as a companion for many years.

Professional Career

David Perrine has over 36 years of experience in the financial industry. Currently, he works for Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc as a financial advisor in Barrington, Illinois.

He holds Series 63 and 65 licenses, qualifying him as an investment adviser representative. Furthermore, his background includes sales and management positions.

David Perrine is a philanthropist who strives to give back to the community. He donates funds to local food pantries and United Ways with great passion.

David also hosts a podcast and serves as host, musician and mentor. His motivational skills motivate people to achieve extraordinary results in all areas of life. Additionally, David travels and consults businesses; making him an excellent resource for those wanting to develop a career in finance.

Achievement and Honors

Perrine was an outstanding athlete in football and basketball, but track and field were his true loves. Throughout his illustrious college career at Idaho, Perrine earned nine varsity letters across three sports.

He created research as an undergraduate science by opening up the Department of Biology’s first-ever labs, giving students hands-on experience conducting real experiments. Furthermore, he made headlines with the creation of the Perrine Award – which supports undergraduate and graduate research in pomology and fruit breeding.

Personal Life

David Perrine is an individual with many interests and abilities. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family, as well as possessing a sharp sense of humor.

He has many friends and is close to them. Additionally, he is a supportive husband and an adoring father.

He is also a successful businessman. With his wife Sharon, he owns one of the first online furniture stores.

Net Worth

David Perrine is an esteemed real estate agent with a substantial net worth. He achieved this success through the sale of both residential and commercial properties.

He is the co-founder of Bond St Partners and has achieved great success in real estate. With a net worth of $6 million, his success can be measured against that.

He has been married to Lacey Chabert since December 2013, and they have a daughter named Julia Mimi Bell born on September 1st 2016 (she was born with Downs syndrome).

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