David Souleles

David Souleles, MPH, Deputy Director of the Orange County Health Care Agency

Orange County public health official David Souleles abruptly submitted his resignation Monday amid the region’s ongoing fight with coronavirus pandemic. As de facto head of his agency, David was expected to lead its fight and was widely seen as crucial to its efforts against pandemic outbreak.

Since March, Souleles has been filling in for Richard Sanchez who moved on to lead CalOptima – which provides low-income residents with insurance policies – before taking up his current post with CalOptima. Lilly Simmering was appointed by the county as Souleles’ temporary replacement until they find someone more appropriate.

Early Life and Education

David Souleles of UC Irvine has long been at the forefront of HIV and AIDS education as well as public health leadership. He has held various roles at local, regional and state agencies over three decades – most recently serving as deputy director for Orange County Health Care Agency. Additionally, he directs UCI’s COVID-19 Response Team as well as overseeing their Masters in Public Health Program and Practice program at UCI. With three decades of experience under his belt he remains at the cutting edge in public health education and leadership.

Professional Career

David Souleles, MPH has more than 25 years of public health experience. Among other positions at Orange County Health Care Agency and University of California Irvine, he served as Senior Manager. Additionally, he serves on multiple organization boards and was described by Orange County residents as their “de facto Chief” during the coronavirus pandemic; helping design and implement an ambitious Covid-19 testing ramp-up program so all residents in Orange County have access to testing whenever needed.

Achievement and Honors

David Souleles has been an innovator in public health for more than 25 years, leading agencies at local, regional, and state levels. As director of UC Irvine’s COVID-19 Response Team – responsible for responding to coronavirus pandemic outbreak – and Masters in Public Health Program and Practice where he conducts research on environmental threats impacting disease prevention; additionally he is recognized by Association of Latino Professionals in California as well as Santa Ana Unified School District for his dedication in youth service work.

Personal Life

David Souleles is an ambitious businessman with an impressive resume. Since last month, he has served as de facto director of Orange County’s Health Care Agency and led regional efforts against coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, Souleles designed and implemented a system to monitor public health emergencies across Orange County. On a personal note, Souleles enjoys spending time with his family as well as playing golf.

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