David Splain

David Splain, the New President of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association

Last month, Splain was officially inaugurated as president of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association and police chief in Nether Providence in Delaware County.

Larios’ defense attempted to exclude evidence pertaining to Splain’s testimony as it lacked probative value and would cause confusion within the jury pool, thus unnecessarily prejudicing Larios.

Early Life and Education

Splain hails from Allentown and attended an elite prep school outside Philadelphia. According to his senior yearbook bio, Splain donned the red and black uniform of Semper Fi Society while joining their rifle team, wearing his senior yearbook bio as proof.

At college, he became interested in law enforcement. He worked as a seasonal police officer in North Wildwood, N.J. before later joining Darby Police Department part-time before eventually becoming full-time officer for Yeadon Township Police Department.

Splain’s shootings raised questions as to whether police agencies can conduct independent investigations into fatal shootings. Although his cases were deemed justified by prosecutors and grand juries, their deaths raise issues regarding independent police investigations into fatal shootings.

Professional Career

An experienced police officer of 32 years, Splain understands the value of teamwork to do an effective job. His department handles between 850-1,100 calls per month and has seen its share of high-profile crimes. Through it all, Splain has witnessed highs and lows; not afraid to admit it’s never easy balancing his commitment with managing bosses; an art he’s managed to perfect while maintaining positive morale within his department despite having endured fire, disease and even death; something his superiors recognize for.

Achievement and Honors

David Splain has had an illustrious law enforcement career. Currently serving as Chief of Police for Nether Providence, and soon-to-be president of Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association – one of Pennsylvania’s premier law enforcement organizations. Additionally, he holds memberships in Delaware County Police Chiefs Association and Victim Assistance Center as a board member or former board member and has won multiple awards including most notably winning Dorothy Schure Award of Excellence for his achievements and work.

Splain is proud to be the first ever resident of Nether Providence to serve as police chief of any local department and one of only six police chiefs across the county who hold this distinction. He is a dedicated husband and father of five, proud member of Nether Providence High School’s Class of 1981, as well as being an avid golfer.

Personal Life

Splain is a member of Faith Wesleyan Church and married to Tina Stryker. Together they have three children – Amanda Splain of South Williamsport, Lyndsay Lichtenfels from Lebanon and David from Williamsport.

Splain has served as Nether Providence Police Department Chief for nine years and will soon become president of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association at their annual conference from July 24-27. Splain has served on their executive board since 2018 as well as serving on both organizations’ secretaries’ committees since then; additionally he belongs to both bodies as a member. In addition, Splain also belongs to both International Police Chiefs Association as a full member, becoming only one of six chiefs from Delaware County ever to take that prestigious post over their 109 year existence!

Net Worth

David Splain of Nether Providence Township in Pennsylvania serves as Chief of Police for that township. A 1981 graduate of Nether Providence High School, Splain holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Widener University as well as a master’s in public safety from Saint Joseph’s University.

Splain has served as police chief for nine years and will soon become president of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association. Splain has become well-known through his YouTube channel with 17.4 million subscribers and an incredible 4.4 billion views – this page can also be seen here on Nailbuzz which estimates it generates approximately $24,000 daily in advertising revenue! His videos also make money via his disposable camera app which also generates income – as can his radio shows which air across many radio stations around the globe!

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