David Stadnyk

David Stadnyk

David Stadnyk has made a name for himself in the business world. A prolific entrepreneur, he has founded multiple successful enterprises.

He is also an accomplished philanthropist, passionately committed to sports – particularly soccer – particularly its promotion and development in Canada. In fact, he’s even the founder of TEAM 1040 radio station!

Early Life and Education

David Stadnyk, an American entrepreneur and speaker, boasts an extensive list of successful companies under his name. Born in Georgia but raised primarily in New Jersey before attending Massachusetts school and receiving his degree in physical education at UBC before entering business life as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with Stadnyk and Partners Venture Capital investing in biotech, pharmaceutical, energy companies.

He is passionate about sport, creating numerous community teams and initiatives to foster its development in Canada. Additionally, he founded organizations to support children’s participation in sport such as the Stadnyk Foundation. Furthermore, he is an active investor in several Canadian sports teams such as Vancouver Whitecaps of NHL and Vancouver Ravens of National Lacrosse League.

Personal Life

David Stadnyk is an acclaimed entrepreneur, founder, and leader in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and resource sectors of Canada’s economy. As an outcome of his achievements as an entrepreneur – which have made him a household name across Canada – David has enjoyed living the lifestyle he’s always desired as well as living a comfortable life with family and friends. Furthermore, his support of sport development initiatives such as revitalizing Vancouver Whitecaps soccer club as well as founding ProWave (an organization which promotes youth soccer).

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