David Swearingen

David Swearingen

David Swearingen is a renowned band composer and arranger, having composed over 700 pieces for school bands across America. Many of his compositions have been commissioned by various organizations and performed around the world.

On August 9, 1983, David took part in what his neighborhood refers to as “the pulley.” This device consists of a pulley, three lengths of rope and a newspaper bag tied onto the high end.

Early Life and Education

David swearingen was born and raised in Bath, Maine. While still a sophomore in high school, he began working as a part-time newspaper photographer for the Bath Daily Times. From there he went on to pursue journalism for four decades – most of it with The Associated Press.

He was an accomplished band composer and conductor, creating over 700 published works that have been used by school directors and student performers around the world.

Dave worked as a firefighter, specializing in structural damage. A lifelong member of both IBEW and Sitka Fire Department, he loved being outdoors and spending time in his barn repairing or building projects. Of course, his signature “Dave Burgers” were always popular! Sadly, Dave will be deeply missed by his family and friends.

Professional Career

David swearingen has been an expert in healthcare for over 27 years. His knowledge encompasses pharmaceutical sales representation, professional relations and advocacy efforts.

He also has experience working within the non-profit sector. As director for DiabetesSisters, his duties include setting policy, fundraising initiatives and financial oversight.

He is a lawyer by profession, representing businesses and individuals in legal matters related to new venture formation, technology development and licensing, intellectual property protection strategies, trademark portfolio management and negotiation of commercial contracts. Furthermore, he advises clients on various other business matters such as e-commerce operations, digital marketing strategy and agreements, supply/manufacturing contracts and commercial lease negotiation.

Achievements and Honors

David swearingen has achieved many remarkable things during his lifetime and been honored with numerous honors. He is also celebrated for his contributions to society.

David Swearingen’s professional journey began in the oil industry where he served as supervisor at GPM Phillips Petro in Fairview, Oklahoma. Additionally, he is a member of the American Association of Petroleum Producers.

Marquis Who’s Who has recognized him as a notable oil industry executive. He provides training and coaching to body shop clients to equip them with the necessary skillset to open, operate and expand their own centers. Furthermore, his expertise in Cryokin has been recognized and he speaks publicly on this ground-breaking technology.

Personal Life

David swearingen, a native of Bath, had an impressive career as a journalist for four decades. He began as part-time photographer at the Bath Daily Times while still in high school and later transitioned into reporting-photography at both papers – Bath Times and Brunswick Record – alike.

He joined The Associated Press in 1968 and served as capitol correspondent at Augusta, covering state legislature sessions. Additionally, he managed bureaus across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

He served on the AP editorial board and served as a news consultant in Maine and New England, helping establish the technology department that introduced digital photography at newspapers nationwide. He authored several books and spoke frequently at journalism schools around the country; furthermore, he received several national awards.

Net Worth

David Swearingen is a real estate investor and the founder of Integra Realty Resources, with an estimated net worth of $6 million.

He acquired his wealth through successful real estate investments. Additionally, he has dabbled in acting, appearing in Button Pusher (2008) and American Cliche (2013).

Throughout his career, he has earned several distinctions. He was presented with both the Herbert Hoover Humanitarian Award and Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal by the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers.

He is a life trustee of Carnegie-Mellon University and Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, as well as having served on the boards of several companies such as Aon Corporation, Sara Lee Corporation, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation and Chase Manhattan Corporation. Additionally, he served as chairman of both National Petroleum Council and American Petroleum Institute.

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