David Tennant

David Tennant

David Tennant is a multi-award winning actor renowned for his roles as Doctor Who in multiple television series and films. This award-winning actor has made an indelible mark on theatre and film alike.

British-born actor Jonathan Rhys Meyer has an extensive acting background that began at an early age. Scottish television first recognized his talent at a youth theatre group near Edinburgh called Bathgate Youth Theatre Group.

Early Life and Education

David was born into a middle-class merchant family in Paris. Initially he studied art with Joseph-Marie Vien before going on to study under Michel Sedaine, the secretary of the Royal Academy of Architecture who also wrote plays.

David studied at the French Academy in Rome after winning its renowned Roman Fellowship Prize, known as the Prix de Rome. Here he encountered an international community of artists and intellectuals whose works greatly impacted on his aesthetic development.

In the 1780s he received his first major commission: St. Roch Interceding for the Plague-Stricken (1780-1781). Additionally he painted several historic mythological paintings that reflect ancient history and philosophy, including some inspired by Enlightenment writers such as Denis Diderot. These works marked a departure from traditional paintings while simultaneously showing his commitment to his oeuvre.

Professional Career

David is the Managing Director at Consilium since 2007, having studied Chartered Accounting himself. With years of experience under his belt as well as unique capabilities derived from being an active partner of Consilium.

As Director of Audit & Transaction Services of his firm, he oversees both of these divisions as well as various management responsibilities and the professional development of his colleagues.

As a senior professional, he travels throughout the UK teaching classes and making instructional videos at various offices. Additionally, he is the author of two books and frequently contributes articles to Furniture & Cabinet Making magazine in Britain.

David’s love of furniture design has also had an influence on his career as an educator. For over thirty years he has taught woodworking students, sharing his wealth of knowledge.

Achievement and Honors

David Tenon has spent five decades building an extraordinary career, being featured on multiple All-American rosters, winning championships, and becoming a professional equestrian competitor. Along the way he met many peers in the industry and received various awards, honors, and accolades in recognition of his efforts. David’s achievements also allowed him to give back to the community through philanthropy and volunteerism – truly making an impressionful mark on our society.

Success for Jonathan lies in his ability to have a positive effect on the community in which he lives and works. For this purpose, he has partnered with organizations who share his values and vision – most prominently the Bucknell College Community Association, an alumni-driven initiative focused on giving back.

Personal Life

David Tenon had an illustrious and successful career. As an actor and singer he appeared in numerous films, television series, and theatre performances; additionally he contributed soundscapes and guitar to two Iona albums: 1993’s Beyond These Shores and 1996’s Journey into the Morn.

Born in Hawkinsville, Ga. in Pulaski County and just north of Macon. Attended Vienna High School. Studies Middle Georgia Technical College according to one of his Facebook accounts.

As an exile in Brussels, he developed a distinct artistic direction through monumental mythological paintings that explore love, eros, and eroticism psychologically. These were among the most intriguing–and bizarre–works in his career, such as Amor and Psyche (1817), The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis (1818), Achilles’ Anger (1819) and Mars Disarmed by Venus and Graces (1824).

Net Worth

David Tennant is a Scottish actor best known for his starring role as Doctor ten in BBC’s hit show Doctor Who. A beloved TV and movie star with an impressive net worth thanks to his acting career, David has earned worldwide renown through this performance.

Tennant started acting at an early age in Bathgate, West Lothian Scotland where he has lived all of his life. As part of British theater performances as well as working with Royal Shakespeare Company he gained much of his training as a performer.

He has appeared in multiple TV series, such as Broadchurch and Jessica Jones. Additionally, he completed filming of three-part miniseries Des in 2020. Additionally, he married actress Georgia Moffett with whom they share five children; additionally they share one son from previous marriages.

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