David Tolsma

A Tribute to David Tolsma

David Tolsma was a veteran police officer who tragically passed away during an exchange of gunfire. He had served with the Cheektowaga Police Department for six years prior to his passing.

Patrol Officer Tolsma was responding to a robbery call at the Holiday Inn hotel on Genesee Street when an escapee shot and killed him. The suspect was captured 13 hours after the murder and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Early Life and Education

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The quality of a child’s interactions with their parents and primary caregivers, as well as their environment, play an integral role in the healthy development of their brain. This is especially true during the first two years when they’re still developing relationships with these adults.

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Professional Career

Dave is a technology enthusiast by nature and boasts an impressive resume to prove it. A systems engineering manager for Luminex with 12 years of experience, Dave frequently speaks at mainframe conferences such as SHARE and IBM Enterprise, plus he was recently awarded first place from his local high school’s science fair project on physics.

He’s currently studying biomedical informatics at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and enjoys spending time with his family. A well-rounded individual, he takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge and expertise.

Tolsma is an elegant bachelor, boasting an array of women at his side.

Achievement and Honors

Tolsma was a decorated military man, but his greatest success came during his tenure as the top track and field coach in New Jersey. His teams won 116 conference championships and six NCAA Division I individual national titles in his honor; Liberty University even renamed their indoor track facility the Tolsma Indoor Track Center in his memory. While Tolsma will be sorely missed by his peers at Liberty University and in Cheektowaga itself, his legacy lives on through their athletic department and local community for years to come – perhaps best celebrated with a well-earned beer in hand?

David Tolsma is an impressive man with many accomplishments. Additionally, his charitable works have brought joy and healing to thousands of children and their families through education, mentorship programs and more.

Personal Life

David Tolsma is a System Engineering Manager at Luminex and leads a team that offers solutions for virtual tape protection of mainframe data.

He is also a frequent speaker at mainframe conferences and has been part of the Luminex Technical Team for more than 12 years, contributing his expertise in this area.

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