David Utterback

David Utterback

Dave Utterback serves as Athletic Director at Brewer High School and is active in many Maine sports leagues and associations.

In 2022 he was honored with the Robert Lahey Athletic Administrator of the Year award from MIAAA; named for Robert Lahey’s former athletic director from Old Town High School who was one of its founders.

Early Life and Education

Parents play an essential role in helping their child establish social and emotional development along with cognitive capabilities in its early years of life.

But for healthy growth and development, children must remain physically active outside the home while receiving opportunities to learn outside. Exposing them to real life allows them to apply what they are learning more easily.

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Professional Career

David Utterback of Lpl Financial LLC in La Crosse, Wisconsin boasts 32 years of experience as a financial advisor with the firm. A self-described “nerd at heart”, david has dedicated himself to helping his clients make informed financial decisions with an impressive BS in Business Administration and minor in Accounting under his belt. With these tools at his disposal, david can assist clients in reaching their financial goals more successfully than ever.

He possesses an innate talent for finding the best deals around town and is always searching for opportunities to expand his client base. Known for hard work and outstanding team collaboration, in his free time he enjoys reading, walking and listening to music – spending his leisure time with family and friends is among his greatest pleasures!

Achievement and Honors

David Utterback has made significant strides and received many honors in his professional career, holding positions within the wood products industry such as sales manager, contractor salesperson and president of his own construction company.

He is an integral member of his community and has held various roles within Brewer High School District for decades – most recently serving as Athletic Director since 2001.

Brewer is also actively engaged with various athletic leagues and state associations he participates with, such as PVC Executive Committee where he represents Large School as an at-large representative and KVAC where he represents Class “A” baseball and softball.

Personal Life

Chef David Utterback takes an unconventional vacation approach when traveling: foodie travel! Instead of relaxing on the shores of some warm beach resort, he sets off on an exciting food adventure!

Each trip he undertakes in Japan offers unique culinary discoveries for his Omaha sushi eatery. Each journey brings something different.

On our most recent trip, we enjoyed an Omakase dinner hosted by Yoshitomo for up to six people. This intimate event allows him to spend 2.5-3 hours cutting fish and creating sushi right in front of each guest!

He is actively engaged in various athletic leagues and state associations. For instance, he represents Brewer High School in both the Pine Tree Conference (PTC) Football league as a representative and Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference (KVAC) Class “A” representative – holding both positions during his time as KVAC President 2021-2022 school year.

Net Worth

David Utterback is an acclaimed actor who has made appearances in films and TV shows across several genres, amassing a net worth estimated at $4 Million from his professional career that began with In Living Color comedy series and has continued in movies and shows such as Saturday Night Live – likely increasing his net worth exponentially over time.

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