David Varnam

Lancaster Mayor David Varnam is a Strong Pro-Life Candidate for the Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor’s Race

Lancaster Mayor David Varnam is enjoying a resounding grassroots support in the lieutenant governor race. He has won straw polls at county caucuses across Wisconsin and been endorsed by Wisconsin Family Action PAC, Wisconsin Right to Life PAC, and Focus on the Family. As an advocate for life and families, Mayor Varnam wants the state to pass legislation that promotes their rights.

Early Life and Education

David Varnam has served on the Lancaster Common Council for nearly three years, becoming mayor in April 2016. Additionally, he’s past president of Grant County Economic Development and board member of Lancaster Area Chamber of Commerce. With an expertise in policy analysis, David represents Focus on the Family as an issues response analyst on federal matters. As a strong pro-life advocate, Varnam believes that with Wisconsin facing its economic and social difficulties, having a lieutenant governor can help guide our state towards greater balance – something Wisconsin Family Action PAC endorses him in this race for governor of Wisconsin.

Professional Career

Varnam has extensive executive leadership experience. He served three terms as mayor of Lancaster, Wisconsin and also worked as a legislative aide to a conservative California congressman. With an emphasis on family life and pro-life organizations, he is widely supported by these groups. With this background comes an ambition to make life simpler for families in Wisconsin by working closely with constituents on their issues.

Over the next four years, Wisconsin can move in a pro-life direction and David Varnam is an excellent candidate to lead this effort. His pro-life beliefs and commitment to safeguarding innocent lives has become the cornerstone of his campaign platform.

Personal Life

David Varnam is a former mayor of Lancaster who has achieved great success by attracting new businesses and keeping it the lowest taxed city in Grant County. As president of Grant County Economic Development and board member of the Lancaster Area Chamber of Commerce, he has held many leadership positions within his community. Throughout his campaign for lieutenant governor, David has traveled throughout Wisconsin sharing his message about cutting taxes for residents and businesses alike, listening to community needs, and standing up for unborn rights – an issue which he has been endorsed by Wisconsin Right to Life PAC and Focus on the Family; plus he recently finished as top finisher in three recent straw polls.

In the Republican primary for lieutenant governor, he is up against eight other candidates including state senator Patrick Testin, businessman Roger Roth, Cindy Werner and marketing consultant Jonathan Wichmann, among others.

Net Worth

David Varnam has an estimated net worth of $1 million. This wealth has been amassed through his successful career as a television personality and food enthusiast.

Since 2009, David has been a television host and currently hosts the show ‘In the Kitchen with David’ on QVC.

Recent estimates place his net worth at $1 million.

American TV personality Rick Cortez is an accomplished foodie and broadcast journalist, as well as having published several cookbooks.

He currently has a net worth of $1 million as of early 2016. This fortune was achieved through his success in the media. After serving America for over three decades, he has amassed this wealth.

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